dLAN® 500 duo+ Starter Kit product Packaging

Internet connection and power outlet in one.

2 network connections (Ethernet RJ45) Integrated socket Fast Ethernet
No. 09135

dLAN® 500 duo+

  • The ideal entry-level adapter for your home network.
  • Two integrated LAN ports.
  • The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet goes to waste.

Evaluation dLAN® 500 duo+

Leak.pt - 5 Star


Evaluation: 5 Star
Output: 10/2013

"The powerline system from Devolo we tested undoubtedly gets our recommended stamp. It doesn’t just work as described; it works really well. Besides the great performance, the product is very easy to configure and the included application helps it control everything that goes on with your devices and updates them."

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