dLAN® 650 triple+ Starter Kit product Packaging

The fastest Internet connection with 3 LAN ports.

3 network connections (Ethernet RJ45) Gigabit Ethernet Integrated socket Range+ Technology
No. 09242

dLAN® 650 triple+

  • Fastest connection at up to 600 Mbps.
  • Even higher performance with the latest technology.
  • Three integrated Gigabit LAN connections.
  • The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet goes to waste.
  • dLAN® 650 triple+ Starter Kit product Packaging
  • dLAN® 650 triple+ Starter Kit Product picture
  • dLAN® 650 triple+ Starter Kit application environment

Evaluation dLAN® 650 triple+

Exame Informática - 4/5 Stars

Exame Informática

Evaluation: 4/5 Stars
Output: 1/2015

"This Powerline kit is very appealing for those looking for an alternative to wireless that offers better performance and stability."

Computer Active - 5 / 5 Stars

Computer Active

Evaluation: 5 / 5 Stars
Output: 10/2014

"There are cheaper HomePlug adapters, but none are as fast and as well designed as the Devolo dLAN 650 Triple + Starter Kit."

Computer Totaal! - 4.5/5 Stars

Computer Totaal!

Evaluation: 4.5/5 Stars
Output: 5/2014

"Not only is this the fastest of similar sets we tested so far, the devolo set also has an integrated power socket and switch."

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Homecinema Choice - Best Buy

Homecinema Choice

Evaluation: Best Buy
Output: 11/2014

"Even across the somewhat elderly wiring of my house , data transfer rates of over 300Mbps were measured."

Xa Das 5 - 8.8 / 10 Points

Xa Das 5

Evaluation: 8.8 / 10 Points
Output: 5/2014

"Does everything it advertises itself to be and does it in an extremely simple way."

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AV Forums - 8/10 points

AV Forums

Evaluation: 8/10 points
Output: 7/2014

"We were very pleased with the overall performance of the 650+ adapters and the speeds received were generally excellent."

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