devolo BPL Modem MV Single Adapter Product picture

Data communication in the medium-voltage grid

devolo BPL Modem MV

  • Backbone-technology for data communications
  • Broadband-PLC for high data volumes
  • Range of 400/ 800 meters
  • High noise immunity
  • Supply voltage: 24 V

devolo recommends signal coupler from EICHHOFF.
  • devolo BPL Modem MV Single Adapter Product picture
  • devolo BPL Modem MV Single Adapter Product picture

devolo BPL Modem MV

Local network stations have primary importance in the smart grid. They are the crucial communication interface between the network operator and the sensors and actuators, as well as the intelligent measuring systems in the low-voltage network. For integrating the distribution station into the energy data network, Powerline communication is useful at the medium voltage level. The data signal is transmitted using a PLC modem and signal coupler to the medium voltage line from a distribution station already accessible for communication (e.g. via fibre-optic cable). This is how the data reaches the distribution stations that were not previously accessible for communication. The advantage of a PLC medium voltage solution is that network stations can be integrated into the smart grid quickly, conveniently and cost-efficiently.

Sample applications

devolo BPL Modem MV

Benefits at a glance

  • High-performance. For application scenarios at the medium voltage level withhigh bandwidth requirements.
  • Range. Maximum possible transmission range between two modems usingadapted, inductive signal coupling technology. Any number of successively cascaded individual paths.
  • Independent. Option for battery-powered, off-line operation with 12 V and24 V batteries.
  • Simple & practical. Fastest possible installation (switching off the mediumvoltage generally not required) and lowest maintenance requirements.
  • Robust. Maximum interference immunity for data transmission.
  • Feedback-free. Maximum suppression of signal emission.
  • Security. Data security through AES 128-bit data encryption.
  • Self-organising. Automatic setup of the data network, administration workgenerally not required.
  • Experienced. Communication even with open medium voltage switch for ringfields, earthing sleeves and transitions using various cable types.
  • Optimised. Product optimisation for EICHHOFF inductive signal couplers.
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