dLAN® AVpro Manager

Professional dLAN® Powerline management software for efficient configuration and real-time monitoring. From the workstation and beyond, with global access.

Professional Powerline management, made completely easy.

The high-performance dLAN® Powerline management software AVpro Manager supports users efficiently during configuration and monitoring of a professionally used Powerline network. The remote access enables web-based monitoring and control. The clearly arranged interface, with intuitive Drag & Drop functionality, provides two view modes for beginners and experts. The dLAN® AVpro manager supports MDU and peer-to-peer networks and provides a comprehensive configuration of the security settings. Even VLAN networks can be set up. The software is available for Windows and Linux.

dLAN® AVpro Manager

Download dLAN® AVpro Manager

dLAN® AVpro manager is ideal for all dLAN® Professional devices and is available for download.

Notice: If you have a dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ in operation, update it before downloading the dLAN® AVpro manager!

dLAN® AVpro manager
openSUSE 64Bit
7 MB
dLAN® AVpro manager
openSUSE 32Bit
7 MB
dLAN® AVpro manager
14 MB
dLAN® AVpro manager 6.3.2
Vista (32/64),7 (32/64),8 (32/64)
6 MB
Manual dLAN® AVpro Manager 2 MB


  • Management software to support the user during configuration and monitoring
  • Central administration interface with beginner and expert mode
  • Global access from the workstation and beyond
  • Real-time monitoring of all dLAN® PROFESSIONAL adapters in the network
  • Global or individual assignment of security settings for databases and devices
  • MDU mode for master/slave networks and peer-to-peer networks
  • VLAN configuration for subnet management
  • Clearly arranged interface, simple Drag & Drop control
  • No interruption of operation during administration
  • Firmware upgrade function for all or single adapters in the dLAN® network
  • Supports Windows and Linux