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dLAN® Wireless extender

Downloads dLAN® Wireless extender

This product is no longer available!

Software dLAN® Wireless Software

This software helps you to configure your dLAN® Wireless adapter. The software package includes the dLAN® Configuration Wizard, dLAN® Wireless Configuration and Informer. An installation wizard guides you through the installation of the dLAN® software.


Software dLAN® Wireless extender

The dLAN® Wireless extender linux lets you call up the configuration of the adapter.


Software dLAN® Software

With this software you are using a state-of-the-art product and increase the performance of your home network.


Firmware dLAN® Wireless extender

This program updates the firmware of your dLAN® Wireless extender. Once you have downloaded the software to the local hard disk of your computer, start it by a double-click. The software verifies if the adapter already contains the current firmware and automatically starts an update, as necessary. Please note that a firmware update cannot be accomplished by using a WLAN connection, it requires a cabled network.


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