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Smart metering concepts for an efficient access communication

dLAN® Powerline is the ideal in-house connection for all meter. Stable and secure. For business and private use. Connect all production and supply meters within a building quickly and securely - with the devolo dLAN® solutions for smart metering, in-house communication of all intelligent measuring points in the building is guaranteed. This creates the basis for real time transmission to your energy provider or measuring point operator via PLC-Access and telecommunications infrastructure. dLAN® Powerline is the ideal backbone for this. The technology provides high performance, stable connections and, through automatic encryption, conforms to all relevant data privacy policy directives, such as the BSI protection profile.

Efficient assembly on site

By using the building’s power line, the installation is no more complicated than a conventional meter assembly. The backbone of energy data acquisition is created in no time - and can be expanded at any time as needed through additional smart meters with Powerline module without integration effort.

devolo Smart Metering

Customer retention as added value: Energy analysis at the touch of a button

Your company will benefit from the secure and stable Powerline connection and from a special connection to the customer. Consumers can query their individual energy consumption in the building via convenient tools such as a smartphone app or a specially installed display in the living space. In this way, a new relationship to energy is created - and at the same time, a new relationship to their own energy provider.

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EnBW ProjectUp

EnBW and devolo as smart metering pioneers

As early as 2008, devolo, together with energy provider EnBW, developed a smart meter solution as a sales model for selected households in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

An initial smart metering pilot project

The central task of devolo is developing and manufacturing innovative communications products for the smart grid area. Energy provider EnBW already positioned themselves for the challenges of remote meter reading at an early point in time, in order to gather initial experiences in the real world. It selected devolo as a partner for the project because the Powerline technology brought with it the ideal prerequisites as a connection between the smart meter and the telecommunications infrastructure. It is easy to install, has stable data transmission throughout the house and has high security due to automatic encryption.


dLAN® convinces in the real world

While the EnBW smart meter has an integrated dLAN® Powerline module, the connection to the broadband Internet connection is established with a dLAN® adapter plug in EnBW design. In this way, it is possible for the EnBW customer to be able to conveniently query the energy consumption from their computer. After the first pilot project test phase, the system was successfully installed in households throughout Baden-Württemberg.

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dLAN® 200 AV USB Extender ProductUp

Wireless networks become limitless - with Powerline

Wireless data transmission characterises the smart home. But the use of wireless solutions has an disadvantage. Its range in many cases does not cover the entire building infrastructure, particularly if it is large. For this area of application, devolo provides a new, intelligent networking solution based on in-house Powerline. All smart meters send their data wirelessly to a dLAN® Powerline solution, which serves as a OMS repeater, for example. Through the use of the power line as the central communication cabling in a building, all rooms and intelligent metering systems are reached.

A smart solution for smart metering

With the combination of the dLAN® Powerline product dLAN® 200 AV USB extender and the Linux distribution OpenWRT, a high-performance basic solution is created for interference-free communication of all consumption and production data which can be expanded precisely to individual requirements and all current wireless standards in this segment. OpenWRT software is the ideal, open solution for this application. It can be flexibly adapted - and in this way, is also ready for the standards of the future. OpenWRT long ago established itself as the best firmware solution; it outperforms the other embedded systems greatly in the areas of capacity, stability, extensibility, robustness and design. In this way, the dLAN® 200 AV USB extender with OpenWRT firmware provides you with an optimal basis for your individual requirements - today and tomorrow.

devolo dLAN® 200 AV USB extender

Optimising smart metering systems with Powerline

In response to the requirements of Open Metering Systems with wireless interface, devolo offers you a solution developed specially for this area of application.

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dLAN® 200 AVpro DINrail ProductUp

dLAN® for the top-hat rail

The dLAN® AVpro DINrail is a 200 Mbps dLAN® adapter which, due to its design, can be installed directly into the distribution box of the building installation on a top-hat rail. The HomePlug AV adapter operates centrally from there and can exchange data optimally over each phase of the existing mains supply. Combined with appropriate counterparts at the application point, efficient smart energy and smart home networks can be implemented easily and cost-effectively via the power line.

Best performance as a central dLAN® Powerline access point

The devolo dLAN® 200 AVpro DINrail provides 200 Mbps data transmission via the power line and is certified in accordance with the HomePlug AV standard. The direct connection to a 3-phase network connection offers maximum performance over a cable length of 300 meters. Through a 3-phase power supply, all power outlets in the building are reached equally. The device is certified with surge protection category 3. The AES data encryption guarantees secure transmission.

devolo dLAN® 200 AVpro DINrail

Professional Powerline applications in focus

devolo has developed the dLAN® 200 AVpro DINrail specially for the requirements of building automation and for smart home and smart metering applications.

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