As a research company, it is devolo's intention to present its expertise in the scope of Europe-wide and international committees and, together with the other members, provide open standards that are relevant to real-world use. Therefore, devolo is a member of the following associations.

G3-PLC Alliance

G3-PLC AllianceThe G3-PLC Alliance was founded to implement, support and promote G3-PLC technology in smart grid applications. devolo is a member of the alliance and is actively involved in various groups.


ZVEIThe ZVEI is committed to the common interests of the electrical industry in Germany and at the international level. This commitment is supported by the involvement of around 150 employees in the main office and about 5,000 employees of the member companies in an honorary capacity. devolo is engaged in various task forces.


BITKOMdevolo is an active member of BITKOM e.V. BITKOM is the collective voice of the IT, telecommunications and new-media sectors. BITKOM represents more than 1,700 companies, over 1,200 of which are direct members.

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