Control box technology


  • devolo is developing control box for the intelligent power grid
  • Grid-conducive feed-in and load management for decentralised producers and consumers
  • Direct marketing of renewable energy electricity through intelligent feed-in management
  • Connection of the devolo control box to a smart meter gateway (SMGW) via the HAN_CLS interface
devolo Control box technology

Secure telecontrol in a smart grid

A control box enables the electricity grid operator to manage feed-in and loads in a grid-conducive manner for decentralised producers and consumers. Volatile power feed-in from renewable energy systems or sudden changes in electricity procurement cause serious fluctuations in the grid.
By using control boxes in private and industrial buildings, the grid operator can, for example,

  • regulate PV systems,
  • manage charging of e-mobiles and
  • purposefully control heat pumps or night storage heaters.

The distribution grid remains stable and blackouts are prevented. The control box also provides entry into direct marketing (keyword: market premium model). It can be used for intelligent feed-in management of electricity from renewable energy systems.

Secure telecontrol in a smart grid

On the pulse of grid operators

By developing a control box, devolo is tackling the urgent demand in the energy industry for such a solution. devolo is pushing for a standardised solution in the FNN work group. devolo has already started the development of a control box.

Dr. Michael Koch

"Our objective is to provide the energy market with an overall solution as quickly as possible. Using the devolo control box and related backend software, grid operators will be able to control their distribution grid much easier from Q1 2017 onwards and therefore handle feed-in and load peaks more purposefully." Dr. Michael Koch, Head of the SmartGrid business unit of devolo.

During the rollout of intelligent measuring systems, devolo control boxes can be integrated in the overall system via the HAN_CLS interface of the smart meter gateway. It will therefore be possible to continue using the already installed control boxes.
SmartLive research project
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