In-house transmission of meter data


  • The HAN interface in the smart meter gateway, makes data from every meter (electricity, gas, water) reliably available for in-house use
  • This interface enables innovative metering services for end customers which can be called up on a smartphone or tablet
  • A stable and secure in-house network connection is required to access these components throughout a building
  • Using in-house Powerline, devolo provides the ideal solution for connecting a smart power meter to the smart meter gateway
devolo In-house transmission of meter data

Energy consumption monitoring and smart home control

For secure transmission, the smart meter will be assigned to a smart meter gateway in future. It supplements the digital meter with an encryption unit which encodes the sensitive consumption and generation data in one complex process. The strict specifications for developing the smart meter gateway come from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Germany.

The smart meter gateway is equipped with two interfaces for connecting to the outside world. One of them is a WAN port (Wide Area Network). This is used for communicating with the energy provider, such as by using a G3-PLC modem. The other one, the HAN interface (Home Area Network), is designed for the in-house connection. One of the features it provides is to enable innovative monitoring of the meter for end customers, such as by using an app for smartphone and tablet.


Meter readings from the smart meter gateway into the home

The challenge when integrating in-house applications into the smart grid stems from the inconsistent networking of many buildings. A reliable, building-wide network that connects every component is only available in very rare cases. In no time, devolo in-house Powerline creates a secure and stable network available throughout the building. This is achieved by modulating a signal for data communication onto the household electrical wiring, without impeding its original purpose. At the same time, a connection to the home network enables the use of innovative metering services via smartphone and tablet.


Learn more about the benefits of in-house PLC technology from devolo and how it works right here.


Reference story: "Smart connection for the smart operator"

About 110 households in the community of Wertachau near Schwabmünchen in southern Germany are testing the intelligent technology of tomorrow today. In-house PLC from devolo provides efficient, stable, and secure data transmission within the participating households for the project.

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