Smart Grid

Reliable and secure data transmission over the electrical wiring. The best solution for every smart application: Broadband throughout the home with the Powerline standard and with G3 Powerline in the frequency band up to 500 kHz in the public mains supply.
And the data security is ensured by the devolo smart meter gateway.

Product overview

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devolo Three-phase electricity meter

Data collection in households and in small businesses

  • FNN-compliant three-point electronic residential basic meter
  • Can be used as mME and in an iMsys
  • Two-rate register
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devolo SMGWplus  

Data security in the smart grid

  • Basic component for the intelligent measuring system
    in accordance with german law on energy managment (EnWG)
  • Incremental firmware updates
  • Installable in the pre-counter sector
    thanks to overvoltage protection (category 4)
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devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k

Data communication in the low-voltage grid

  • Impressive range
  • 100% building penetration
  • Optimal data rate
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devolo G3-PLC Modem MV

Data communications in the medium-voltage grid

  • Range of several kilometers
  • PLC to manage network control technology
  • High noise immunity
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devolo BPL Modem MV

Data communication in the medium-voltage grid

  • Highest data volumes
  • Range of 400/ 800 meters
  • High noise immunity
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