devolo G3-PLC Modem MV Single Adapter Product picture

Data communications in the medium-voltage grid

devolo G3-PLC Modem MV

  • All-rounder for all distances
  • Range of several kilometers
  • Reliable monitoring and management
  • High noise immunity
  • Supply voltage: 24 V

devolo recommends signal coupler from EICHHOFF.
  • devolo G3-PLC Modem MV Single Adapter Product picture
  • devolo G3-PLC Modem MV Single Adapter Product picture

devolo G3-PLC Modem MV

G3-PLC at the medium-voltage level
Local network stations have primary importance in the smart grid. They are the crucial communication interface between the network operator and the sensors and actuators in the middle-voltage network.
For integrating the power distribution technology, G3-PLC technology is useful at the medium-voltage level. The data signal is transmitted using a PLC modem and signal coupler to the medium-voltage line from a distribution station already accessible for communication (e.g. via fibre-optic cable). All of the sensors and actuators can be reached thanks to the extremely long range of G3-PLC technology. The advantage of a PLC medium voltage solution is that network stations can be integrated into the smart grid quickly, conveniently and cost-efficiently.

Benefits at a glance

  • Available. G3-PLC technology guarantees maximum range in the medium-voltage network.
  • Controllable. Reliably monitor and control of power distribution technology.
  • Robust. Maximum interference immunity for data transmission.
  • Feedback-free. Maximum suppression of signal emission.
  • Secure. Data security through AES 128-bit data encryption.
  • Simple & practical. Fastest possible installation (switching off the medium voltage generally not required) and lowest maintenance requirements.
  • Self-organising. Automatic set-up of the data network, administration work generally not required.
  • Independent. Option for battery-powered, off-line operation with 24 V batteries.
  • Optimised. Product optimisation for EICHHOFF inductive signal couplers.
  • Capable of signal repeating. Each modem can automatically repeat signals as needed. This can substantially expand the wide, base coverage.
  • Experienced. Communication even with open medium voltage switch for ring fields, earthing sleeves and transitions using various cable types.
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