Smart metering in the medium-voltage grid


  • RLM meter reading with medium-voltage PLC
  • The deactivation of analogue landline networks and the mobile data communication CSD calls for alternative communication
  • Use of pre-existing infrastructure medium-voltage lines
  • Medium-voltage PLC modems and inductive couplers are a replacement that is easy, reliable and available at a low price
Smart metering in the medium-voltage grid


RLM meter reading

The deactivation of analogue landline connections and the conversion of mobile data communication CSD (Circuit Switched Data) into IP-based communication requires a new communication path for load profile meters. A premature changeover to an intelligent measuring system is ruled out by many measuring point operators due to a lack of certified smart meter gateways (SMGWs).


PLC in medium voltage

Major energy consumers are connected directly to the medium-voltage grid. Thus it is useful to guide data communication between RLM meters and measuring point operators over pre-existing power lines.
With this medium-voltage PLC solution, unnecessary conversion work can be omitted by end customers. The medium-voltage level and coupler only need a single PLC modem to be connected. This usually takes place in only a few minutes. The data uplink from a medium-voltage grid to fibre optic cable can be made where present connections are already available. This saves time and money for the network operator.

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