Remote meter readout / smart metering


  • Smart meters are used for reading out all energy consumption and infeed data
  • For BSI-compliant encryption of sensitive data, the smart meter is supplemented by a smart meter gateway
  • devolo uses G3-PLC technology to connect the smart meter gateways within a network area to the grid control centre
  • High reliability and bandwidth with devolo's G3-PLC enables cost-efficient remote meter readouts
devolo Remote meter readout / smart metering

Best connection for the smart meter

The heart of smart metering is the smart meter. It is used for digitally reading out all energy consumption and infeed data. In the first expansion stage for smart energy networks, based on a cost-benefit analysis (CBA), all residential and commercial consumers purchasing more than 6000 kWh of energy are being equipped with smart meters. In addition, digital meters are being used for all generators of renewable energies such as wind power or photovoltaic plants. For BSI-compliant encryption of these sensitive data, in future the smart meter will be directly connected to a smart meter gateway.

But the smart energy network only works if the data from the smart meter are promptly transmitted to energy providers. Reliable transmission of these data to the energy provider is one of the central challenges of remote meter readouts.


G3-PLC connects smart meters to the energy provider

In the smart grid, devolo relies on innovative IP-based data transmission with G3-PLC technology. G3-PLC uses the mains supply in the low-voltage level as infrastructure for communication. This provides the benefit of making the integration of G3-PLC exceptionally cost-effective. In addition to a smart meter and smart meter gateway, a suitable G3-PLC modem in the compact DIN rail format is installed for all consumers and generators (such as operators of photovoltaic plants). G3-PLC first sends the measurement data of all smart meters within a network area to the transformer station. From there, it can be sent to the energy provider using any medium.


Learn more about the benefits of G3-PLC technology from devolo and how it works right here.


Milestone for G3-PLC

devolo AG, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH and Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH launch initial rollout with 1,000 G3-PLC modems.

Quote from Vattenfall
"After the positive result of the pre-qualification test and the successful field test, the full configuration of four independent network areas is the next logical step in testing G3-PLC technology.“ Jan-Philipp Blenk, Project Manager at Vattenfall Europe Metering GmbH. " Jan-Philipp Blenk, Project Manager at Vattenfall Europe Metering GmbH.

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