Smart Operator


  • Intelligent activation of energy accumulators and control over decentralised generators ensures a constant network load in the smart grid
  • The smart operator also prevents network fluctuations by controlling individual devices in the smart home
  • This requires reliable data communication both in the smart grid and in the smart home
  • With the G3-PLC and in-house PLC Powerline technologies, devolo provides reliable solutions for both applications
devolo Smart Operator

Intelligent control of the energy networks

For smart control of the energy networks, the smart operator directly accesses various components in the network. This makes it possible to prevent network fluctuations by controlling individual devices and device groups in the smart home. This control includes aspects such as activating consumers if the available network load increases. In addition, the smart operator can activate energy accumulator systems in the network, even disconnecting renewable energy plants from the network in exceptional cases.

Ensuring that these tasks of the smart operator are reliably performed not only requires stable and secure data communication over the low-voltage level; a secure connection in the smart home itself is also essential. Exceptionally flexible network technology is required to make it possible to connect all relevant home automation components throughout an entire building.


Powerline as an access and in-house solution

devolo uses Powerline technology—IP-based communication over existing line networks—to provide a stable and secure solution for exchanging data at the low-voltage level and in the smart home. A reliable connection in the public mains supply is ensured with its G3-PLC Modem 500k. In-house Powerline technology is used in the smart home. It connects all relevant home automation components while enabling innovative energy monitoring for end customers. In-house Powerline features a long range as well as fast and stable data transmission, also allowing it to function without a hitch in multi-dwelling units.


Learn more about the benefits of G3-PLC technology from devolo and how it works right here.


Reference story: Lechwerke

In a large-scale field test, RWE and Lechwerke (LEW) are jointly testing a comprehensive smart grid model: from smart grid control to smart household appliances.

Lechwerke - more Information
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