G3-PLC technology


  • Ideal for connecting all smart grid components in the low-voltage level to the load dispatching centre (smart operator)
  • Powerful IP-based data transmission via Access Powerline with gross data rates of up to 240 kbps
  • Optimum real-world network coverage, without adding repeaters
  • Extensive field tests in co-operation with renowned energy providers and measuring point operators prove the performance capability of devolo's G3 technology

What is G3-PLC and the G3-PLC Alliance?
devolo G3-PLC technology

Sustainable communication for the intelligent energy network

Implementation of the smart grid is a task that requires innovative solutions. This involves a core challenge of securely and stably interconnecting all areas of the intelligent energy network in the low-voltage level for communication. With G3-PLC, devolo is providing a technology that meets these stringent requirements.

G3-PLC uses the existing line infrastructure in the low-voltage level for communication. This is achieved by modulating an additional signal onto the electrical wiring, without impeding its original use. The central advantage of this approach lies in the availability: All relevant points of the mains supply are reached directly. In addition, the transmission is autonomous and is not influenced by the performance of other networks, such as GPRS or broadband Internet. Compared to other communication solutions such as having one's own glass fibre networks for communication, G3-PLC is substantially more cost-effective.

High-performance connection

For an efficient Access Powerline connection, devolo uses the transmission bandwidth between 150 kHz and 500 kHz. This is the range in which the benefits of PLC, such as long range and ideal transfer rates for today's smart grid applications, can come together with sufficient capacity reserves for tomorrow's network. So it was no problem for G3-PLC to achieve a transmission path of 1.7 km in the field test—without any repeaters.

Cost-efficient integration

To make a network segment "smart," the smart meters (supplemented by a smart meter gateway) are provided with a G3-PLC modem for residential and commercial consumers as well as renewable energy plants. They send the current consumption and production data via the mains supply to the next transformer station. From there, the information is transmitted in bundled form from the individual measuring points to the energy provider.

This makes it possible for the smart operator to monitor the consumption in real time and to regulate the production output of the renewable energy plants as needed.

G3-PLC checklist

G3-PLC fulfils all requirements for secure and stable data transmission in the smart grid:

  • Optimum range by means of low frequency band
  • Developed in accordance with international, open ITU standard ITU-T G.9903
  • Secure and stable system availability
  • Reliability due to the long service life of every component
  • Long-term and sustainable deployment options
  • Efficient implementation, even in rural areas
  • 100-percent building penetration, full availability at the metering point
  • High level of security against unauthorised access
  • The Cenelec band is insufficient for the security regulations of the BSI
  • Use of the frequencies 150-500 kHz brings capacity reserves for future applications


"The result shows that very long ranges can be achieved with G3-PLC and that the susceptibility to faults compared to the 'old' PLC technology is substantially reduced."

Jan Philipp Blenk

Jan-Philipp Blenk
Head of Supply & Device/Data Management
Vattenfall Europe Metering GmbH

White Paper „Powerline“

EU Regulation of high-speed Powerline Communication in the spectrum 150-500 kHz

Regulation-PLC 266 KB
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