In-house PLC technology


  • In-house Powerline provides a fast, reliable connection inside buildings
  • Ideal for the distribution of current, water and gas throughout the buildings via the HAN interface of the smart meter gateway
  • Incorporates energy data into the smart home system
  • Efficient control of intelligent home devices by the network operator for implementation of the smart grid concept
  • Automatic encryption for secure data transmission


Easily call up the data from the smart meter in the entire building - made possible by In-house Powerline from devolo. In no time, you will have convenient, secure access to all data on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

devolo In-house PLC technology

Efficient in-house networking

More than any other technology, In-house Powerline stands for easy, stable and fast IP-based communication in buildings. The technology uses the building's electrical wiring like a network cable, with an additional signal for data communication modulated on the line. Due to its low-frequency, EMC-tested transmission technology, Powerline does not impair the operation of other devices or interfere with the original use of the line.

Transmitting meter data, controlling smart home technologies

The connection, safeguarded with a 128-bit AES encryption, is ideal for establishing stable, housewide networking. For example, the data of the smart meter gateway travels to the consumer via the HAN interface (Home Area Network). At the same time, properly equipped electrical consumers can also control themselves via In-house Powerline: heat pumps, electric vehicle charging stations and smart home appliances use the power when it is the most cost-effective.

Efficient installation

A professional Powerline installation is carried out in almost no time. The required adapters are available both as wall plug devices, for inserting into an electrical socket, and also as DIN rail models for direct installation in control cabinets.

Long range

With a range of up to 400 metres, Powerline connects all smart devices reliably with each other, both in single-family and multi-family homes. This is achieved through a wide variety of devolo technologies, which ensure long range and stability. For example, devolo devices with range+ Technology use all three wires of the power line for data transmission: phase, neutral conductor and earth wire. A patented coupling technology ensures that the installation is reliable.

In-house PLC checklist

In-house Powerline fulfils all requirements for secure and stable data transmission in the smart home:

  • Long range and reliability
  • Developed according to open, international IEEE standards
  • Secure and stable system availability
  • Reliability due to the long service life of every component
  • Long-term, sustainable deployment options
  • Excellent building penetration
  • High level of security against unauthorised access
  • High transfer rate thanks to Powerline AV


"From the traditional single-family home all the way to the multi-family building with six units - the connection usually worked immediately and offered sufficient bandwidth."

Richard Fischer, LEW Verteilnetz GmbH

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