Smart Meter Gateway technology


  • The smart meter gateway (SMGW) provides a secure encryption for sensitive consumer and generation data
  • The SMGW functions as an encryption entity between the smart meter and remote data transmissionThe encrypted data is transmitted to a PLC Modem via the WAN port
  • The encrypted data is transmitted to the G3-PLC Modem 500k via the WAN port
  • The HAN interface reliably provides the data for all meters (current, gas, water) for in-house use
devolo Smart Meter Gateway technology


Secure communication in the smart grid

The devolo SMGWplus provides encrypted data transmission in compliance with data protection laws within the intelligent energy network. This guarantees that data is protected and protects the mains supply from unauthorised access.

The SMGW is the interface between the smart meters (current, gas, water) within the building and the gateway administrator (GWA). The collected and encrypted data will be transmitted to entitled market participants. Therefore the GWA configurates the SMGW with appropriate profiles. In addition, the smart meter gateway provides its encrypted data directly to the end customer via the HAN interface (Home Area Network). Consumers and feeders, such as photovoltaic systems from energy providers, can be controlled via the HAN-CLS (controllable local services) interface.

Focussing on data encryption

The basis for the development of the smart meter gateway in Germany is provided by the specifications of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As part of the BSI protection profile BSI-CC-PP-0073 (Protection Profile for the Gateway of a Smart Metering System), which is anchored in the German Energy Industry Act , the ministry provides details on the way in which data should be encrypted and coded. With an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) of 4+, these are among the highest global security standards for communication in intelligent energy networks.

A security module that ensures the encryption and certificate management of sensitive data is the centrepiece of the SMGW. To accomplish this, a complex algorithm based on the German technical directive TR-03109-3 (Cryptographic specifications for the infrastructure of intelligent measuring systems) is implemented. The functional and design-related regulations from the FNN specifications and the PTB-A 50.7 and PTB-A 50.8 weights and measures requirements must also be met.

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