Powerline at the medium voltage-level


  • Integrating local network stations into the smart grid via power line communications (PLC) through a medium voltage line
  • Transmitting smart metering data over medium voltage
  • Connecting the network control system via medium voltage PLC in terms of communication
  • Powerline communication is capable of withstanding blackouts
Powerline at the medium voltage-level


Expansion of smart metering communication over medium voltage

The roll-out in a network cluster is planned. The measuring point operator has decided in favour of using Powerline as a communications channel to the intelligent measuring system (iMsys). The local network station is planned to be a transfer point. This, however, does not support fibre optic cable connections or mobile communications. Retroactively laying fibre optic cable is complicated and expensive. A wireless connection brings about additional monthly costs. Furthermore, you would then be dependent on a third-party network and its provider.


Medium-voltage lines are data motorways

At the local network station, instead of data transfer having to take place by other means, Powerline communication is continued over the medium-voltage level. In this way the metering data can be transferred via the medium-voltage line to a more remote network station that has a fibre optic connection.
Therefore, thanks to low-voltage and medium-voltage power lines, network clusters can be developed into the smart grid quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


Metering and switching in a medium-voltage network

Local network stations are the critical communication interfaces for the smart grid. Not all are connected for communication over fibre optic cable or a wireless network. Network technicians are faced with the task of reliably integrating pre-existing and additional meters and switchgear into a smart grid. In addition, communication to these devices must often be capable of withstanding blackouts.

Powerline at the medium voltage-level

The medium-voltage level becomes communicative

Medium-voltage Powerline communication provides the ability to integrate network stations into energy and data networks. The data signal is transmitted using a PLC modem and signal coupler to the medium-voltage line from a distribution station already accessible for communication. This is how the data reaches the distribution stations that were not previously accessible for communication.
The advantage is that integrating a network station into the smart grid is quick, uncomplicated and cost-effective. Communicating during blackouts is possible through the incorporation of a backup battery.



Powerline expert devolo and coupler specialist Eichhoff are a practised team in data communication over the medium-voltage level.

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