dLAN® Professional applications

Potential applications: internet. Intranet. VoIP. IPTV. Excellent performance for IP-based communication.

The dLAN® Professional portfolio was developed for the high requirements in professional use. In addition to internet and intranet networking, it is optimised for real-time services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and IPTV (internet TV). This is ensured by a powerful dLAN® Powerline chip with transfer rates up to 500 Mbps. 128 bit AES encryption guarantees secure data transmission of all IP services.

devolo dLAN® Professional applications
devolo dLAN® Professional - Internet from any electrical socket

Internet from any electrical socket

The classic use in dLAN® applications: easy and fast connection of computers and networked devices to each other and the internet. dLAN® is a powerful alternative to Wi-Fi and classic cable networks in homes and small offices. Their benefits lie in long ranges which, unlike wireless networks, are not restricted by a building's construction, as well as the easy retrofitting and extension capabilities.
devolo networks all products in the building, and that in next to no time. dLAN® PROFESSIONAL products are also remote-enabled allowing them to be configured and monitored by dLAN® AVpro manager from anywhere in the world.

dLAN® Professional Powerline products

Wi-Fi from any electrical socket

Wireless communication is becoming more and more important, but unfortunately the Wi-Fi signal does not reach everywhere it is needed in the building. With devolo Wi-Fi adapters you simply turn every power outlet into your personal hotspot. Simply connect an adapter to the router and mains supply – now a Wi-Fi adapter can be activated at every other power outlet in the building. Thanks to multi-SSID you can also very easily configure guest Wi-Fi access.

dLAN® Professional WiFi products
devolo dLAN® Professional - Wi-Fi from any electrical socket

Enthralling school lessons with devolo

Today's technology opens up many capabilities – also for modern teaching. But many school buildings are old, some are even listed buildings, and there are no network cables. There is no money for laying new cables in the building and also teaching is not to be disrupted.

devolo dLAN® Professional - Enthralling school lessons with devolo

With dLAN® adapters the internet signal is very easily distributed over the power line through the entire building. This means every power outlet becomes an internet access – ready-to-use wherever and whenever the signal is needed. A simple, flexible and cost-effective solution!

dLAN® Professional Powerline products
Reference Urspring School
Reference Berlin schools

Wi-Fi for the waiting zone

There are many occasions when it is unfortunately not possible to avoid waiting time: doctor's surgeries, government offices and even restaurants are surely some of them. Many people distract themselves during this time with their smartphone – at the expense of the internet allowance in their mobile phone contract. Guest Wi-Fi is therefore a welcome service. But what if the waiting area does not have an internet connection? Routing cables during ongoing operation is inconceivable for many companies, for instance in the doctor's surgery. With dLAN® Professional the internet signal is simply distributed over the power line into the rooms.

dLAN® Professional WiFi products

Thanks to the multi-SSID feature of the dLAN® adapters, different Wi-Fi accesses can very easily be set up, also a guest Wi-Fi. This turns waiting time into surfing pleasure.

devolo dLAN® Professional - Wi-Fi for the waiting zone

Bridging feature for connecting buildings

Many processes that used to be handled without a PC and/or network connection become much more efficient today due to modern technology. But not always are all the relevant buildings integrated in the network.

devolo dLAN® Professional - Bridging feature for connecting buildings

This is where dLAN® Professional provides a simple and reliable solution without complicated and expensive laying of cables: the dLAN® Wi-Fi adapters can be switched to bridging mode. You can therefore effortlessly set up a Wi-Fi connection between two of them and then have your network at places where there was no connection before.

dLAN® Professional WiFi products

Virtual networks / VLAN

Virtual networks (VLAN) can be very easily created with devolo products. This option is interesting, for instance, when you want to offer guest Wi-Fi or for the use of common infrastructure in collective offices. Virtual networks are very easy to set up with the dLAN® AVpro manager and work even for rooms in different parts of the building – wireless as well as wired.

dLAN® Professional WiFi products
devolo dLAN® Professional - Virtual networks / VLAN
devolo dLAN® Professional - dLAN® Powerline supply in the distribution box

dLAN® Powerline supply in the distribution box

Extremely convenient Powerline usage is enabled by the dLAN® 200 AV DINrail integrated in the distribution box where it distributes the internet signal directly to three phases. Combined with appropriate counterparts at the application point, you distribute the internet signal throughout the house and can also simply and cost-effectively implement smart energy and smart home networks over the power line.

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Voice-over-IP: easily reduce phone costs with devolo

A high phone bill is very quickly a thing of the past with devolo's dLAN®! Because for commercial properties lacking a network infrastructure, dLAN® is an excellent alternative where a simple and cost-effective high-speed network installation is the aim. With it, an entire building can be equipped with an IT network infrastructure, or just specifically targeted areas.

A dLAN® adapter turns every required power outlet into an internet access point – and no limits are set on modern, networked communication such as Voice over IP.

dLAN® Professional Powerline products

Simple networking of electronic advertising displays (digital signage)

Digital advertising displays can be positioned nearly everywhere and offer benefits over "analogue" advertisement – if for no other reason than the constantly changing content makes them a real eye-catcher. In the planning stages of digital signage displays in buildings, networking plays a central role because the displays receive their data from a central server. Complicated network cabling is generally out of the question. With dLAN®, devolo offers the ideal ability to connect every individual display with a central server. This requires no complicated installation of network technology – a device is connected to the server as easily as it is to the power supply using a single dLAN® adapter.

dLAN® Professional Powerline products

Installation can be carried out by workers skilled in housing technology during business operations and without the need for construction measures. Alternatively, our devolo partners are happy to perform planning and installation.

devolo dLAN® Professional - Simple networking of electronic advertising displays (digital signage)

dLAN® Professional Wi-Fi adapter. Better than every Wi-Fi repeater!

devolo's Wi-Fi Powerline adapters are frequently lumped together with Wi-Fi repeaters. That is not right! Because a Wi-Fi repeater merely forwards an already weak signal. The result: a Wi-Fi connection that is still bad. By contrast, devolo Wi-Fi adapters route the connection over the household stable and fast mains supply to every power outlet. This means the full DSL connection bandwidth is available at every power outlet where a devolo Wi-Fi adapter is plugged in.

dLAN® Professional WiFi products
devolo dLAN® Professional - dLAN® Professional Wi-Fi adapter. Better than every Wi-Fi repeater!

Remote management with dLAN® AVpro manager

The high-performance dLAN® Powerline management software AVpro manager supports users efficiently during configuration and monitoring of a professionally used Powerline network. The remote access enables web-based monitoring and control.

devolo dLAN® Professional - Remote management with dLAN® AVpro manager

The clearly arranged interface, with intuitive Drag & Drop functionality, provides two view modes for beginners and experts. The dLAN® AVpro manager supports MDU and peer-to-peer networks and provides a comprehensive configuration of the security settings. Even VLAN networks can be set up. The software is available for Windows and Linux.

dLAN® Professional Powerline products

Easy connection of a smart TV to the internet

The new smart TVs open up a wide range of possibilities: surfing in the internet, use of online video libraries and use of transmitter multi-media libraries are only a few examples. This presupposes the smart TV is connected to the internet – a challenge in many households as the router is far away from the TV set and the Wi-Fi connection also leaves much to be desired. With dLAN® Professional you very easily bring the internet connection to every power outlet and therefore also very easily to your smart TV.

dLAN® Professional Powerline products

Simply connect an adapter to the router, plug it into a power outlet and set it up with another adapter at a power outlet near to the TV set, then connect the TV set to this second adapter. Nothing now stands in the way of "smart" TV enjoyment!

devolo dLAN® Professional - Easy connection of a smart TV to the internet