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Smart Grid / 27.09.2018

devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k for Smart Metering in Istanbul

devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k for Smart Metering in Istanbul

Germany-based devolo AG and Bogazici Electricity Distribution Inc. (BEDAS), the biggest distribution company in Turkey, are testing the G3-PLC technology for smart metering communication. In two districts of Istanbul (in Kumburgaz and Bakirköy) the companies BEDAS and devolo analysed the network topology and the data transmission rates of the devolo G3-PLC modems in the frequency range 150-500 kHz.

Smart Metering in Turkey

Turkey offers huge opportunities for G3-PLC. For example, BEDAS, which has been distributing electricity of 26,6 TWh to approximately more than 5 million subscribers on an area of 3,573 km² on the European Side of Istanbul, is the biggest distribution company of Turkey. Within the EU-Project Callia, BEDAS together with devolo started a G3-PLC pilot project, which aims to gain experience on planning, implementation and demonstration of a new AMI system.

In Kumburgaz and Bakirköy, two districts of Istanbul, the utility BEDAS and powerline-expert devolo installed now the field trial to test the G3-PLC technology to connect smart meters to the grid control centre for remote meter readout. In the smart grid, devolo provides an innovative IP-based data transmission with G3-PLC technology in the frequency range 150-500 kHz. G3-PLC uses the mains supply in the low-voltage level as infrastructure for communication. This provides the benefit of making the integration of G3-PLC exceptionally cost-effective.


G3-PLC technology for cost-effective data communication

“G3-PLC provided a stable, reliable connection between nodes - without using a repeater, even at long distances” commented Dr. Anil Mengi, Director Strategic positioning & Innovation at devolo AG. The technology also showed its strengths, particularly compared to competing PLC technologies and its ability to withstand interference in the network.

 “We are sure that PLC technology will be an integral part of the smart grid in Istanbul. The field trial results show us that G3-PLC is a strong candidate for the remote meter reading” (Ali Özgün ÇETİN, Project Manager at BEDAS).


About the CALLIA-project

Europe’s ambitious climate protection goals require a safe and comprehensive integration of Renewable Energies on all voltage levels of the electricity grid. Currently, cross-border transmission of electricity is limited to the high voltage grid. Within CALLIA, the partners will investigate how direct energy transfer between distribution grids in two different countries is able to foster the integration of Renewable Energies. The important goals of the project include: more efficient integration of decentralized generation units and stabilization of the European electricity grid. Therefore, grid operators, research institutes and industrial partners from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Turkey will join forces in a multilateral project consortium coordinated by ISC Konstanz. devolo supports CALLIA with its longstanding expertise in Powerline communication.