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Smart Grid / 30.04.2019

devolo power meter certified for roll-out

devolo power meter certified for roll-out

The next critical step toward the roll-out: The devolo three-phase electricity meter obtains the domestic approval for the German market and MID certification (conformity of the module B and D type). The conformity evaluation was done by the CSA Group Bayern. The VDE confirmed the proof of the measuring stability according to the FNN note. The devolo three-phase electricity meter can be used both as modern measuring equipment and within an intelligent measuring system. It optionally offers grid functionality i.e. actual status information of the grid.

devolo three-phase electricity meter obtains MID certification

In light of the recently verified MID conformity, the devolo three-phase electricity meters can be launched. In addition to the lab test being run thus far, the meters may now be installed in real applications and used there continuously. The devolo meter has been registered in the European MID class A and B. The certification refers to the 60 A meter from devolo that can be operated using either three-phase or single-phase current. The proof of the measuring stability according to FNN note was provided and confirmed by the VDE. Also the national approval is already available. Among other things, the secure communication of the meter via the LMN interface was successfully tested and the latency time according to PTB A 50.8 of less than 2 seconds was confirmed.


Optional grid functionality and two-rate tariff function

The devolo three-phase electricity meter is optionally equipped with grid functionalities. A total of 12 different parameters are recorded, including voltage and current values, phase angles and values derived from them. These parameters are used for determining the grid state. Data communication is ensured by the wide area network (WAN) interface of the smart meter gateway.

In the intelligent measuring system, the devolo meter can perform useful additional services thanks to its grid functionality. But, as a modern measuring equipment, the devolo three-phase electricity meter also provides innate added value: the two-rate tariff function. Thanks to this additional function, the energy provider can offer its customers a two-rate tariff without having to install an intelligent measuring system for this purpose. If the end customer is still not required to install an intelligent measuring system with meter, smart meter gateway and WAN communication, the provider can rely on the devolo meter with the two-rate tariff function. To control the external terminals, the meter offers supply terminals for ripple control receivers of the measuring point operator.


A partnership that counts

The three-phase meter conforming to FNN specifications was developed by devolo in close cooperation with ADD GRUP. ADD GRUP has more than 26 years of experience researching and producing advanced metering solutions under its belt. Having more than 6 million meters installed makes ADD GRUP an established player on the meter market. "Many years of experience in meter production make the ADD GRUP an ideal partner. Together with devolo's expertise in the field of powerline communication and Smart Meter Gateway, an intelligent electricity meter was created that harmonizes perfectly with the other smart metering components", explains Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Executive Vice President and Head of the devolo Smart Grid business unit. The high measuring accuracy in both energy flow directions and the electromagnetic interference immunity are the outstanding quality characteristics of the devolo meter produced in Europe.