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Private customers / 24.04.2019

Fast Wi-Fi in the garden. Thanks to the devolo Wi-Fi Outdoor

Fast Wi-Fi in the garden. Thanks to the devolo Wi-Fi Outdoor

Spring and summer are just around the corner, which means beautiful, sunny and relaxing hours in the garden, on the balcony or out on the patio. A barbecue with music, a good e-book with a glass of wine, pointing the projector at the wall and laying down for a movie night outside: A relaxing time that requires more than just springlike weather—you also need good Wi-Fi reception. After all, you don't want to use your expensive data plan to stream videos. But how do you get Wi-Fi outdoors?

You're having a garden party, but the Wi-Fi outside is as slow as a turtle?

It is already difficult enough to install a stable Wi-Fi signal inside the flat. It should hardly be a surprise when it's no better in the garden. The reason: All too often, the router is placed either in the basement or in a corner somewhere. This way, you get plenty of fresh air out on the patio or balcony, but an extremely slow Wi-Fi connection at best. The low download rate is just barely enough to check your e-mail and the garden shed at the far side of the lawn doesn't get any signal at all. It doesn't have to be this way!


Wi-Fi in the garden? It's that easy!

One solution to Wi-Fi problems in the garden is the devolo Wi-Fi Outdoor. The exceptional feature: It uses the power line as if it were a long data cable. Therefore, the house walls don't block the Wi-Fi signal any longer. This product enables you to plug into any outdoor wall socket to set up a brand new Wi-Fi hotspot.


Quickly and easily installed

This may sound high-tech. And it is! But setting it up is still very straightforward: A dLAN adapter is connected to the router and plugged into a wall socket. The devolo Outdoor Wi-Fi is then plugged into the desired power socket outdoors. You're done! It automatically generates a new Wi-Fi network with full signal strength.


You can even use it in rain and storms

The devolo Wi-Fi Outdoor is perfectly suited for outdoor use. Its fibreglass-reinforced plastic housing conforms to IP 65. It not only protects the device from dust and dirt, but not even water and heavy rain pose any threat. This enables use of the rugged adapter in the garden in wind or weather, ensuring perfect WiFi reception at all times, anywhere, either during the next garden party, when relaxing in a hammock or under the arbour with friends and family on film or football night.


Prices and availability

The devolo Wi-Fi Outdoor adapter is available in stores and online at the recommended retail price of 169.90 euros.