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Private customers / 02.07.2019

Fast Wi-Fi in your garden: Work and relax out in the sunshine with devolo's WiFi Outdoor

Fast Wi-Fi in your garden: Work and relax out in the sunshine with devolo's WiFi Outdoor

Aachen, Germany, 2 July 2019 – Even in the summer, there's always something that needs to be done in the garden, like cutting the grass or taking care of the plants. All this work is much easier when you can do it while listening to your favourite music. Thankfully, there are always new smart devices hitting the market that handle the burden of garden work, giving garden owners more time to just relax outside. Robot lawn mowers, sprinkler systems, smart lighting, cameras – they all connect to the Wi-Fi from outside. Fast and stable outdoor Wi-Fi is absolutely essential for supplying these robots and smart gadgets with all the data they need. devolo's WiFi Outdoor gives you a network that reaches all the way to the garden shed.

Wi-Fi in the garden in no time

devolo's weather-proof Powerline adapter brings your router's Wi-Fi signal at full-strength to all those Wi-Fi-hungry devices in the garden. Installation is simple. A Powerline adapter is plugged into a power socket near your router and then connected to the router using a LAN cable. Then the WiFi Outdoor adapter is plugged into another socket outside and placed in the centre of the garden. Ideally, this would be a place where it's not in the way and won't be run over by the lawn mower. And before you know it, you have a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot available.

Perfect in any weather

Not even rain can interrupt the connection to the arbour or outdoor cameras. devolo's WiFi Outdoor adapter is protected against dust and dirt as well as against water and heavy rain (in accordance with IP65). This allows the rugged adapter to operate in the wind and weather and provide perfect Wi-Fi reception anywhere, anytime. Not just when working in the garden, but the next time you have a pool party, when you're relaxing in a hammock or under the arbour with friends and family on film or football night.

The devolo WiFi Outdoor adapter is available in stores and online at the recommended retail price of 169.90 euros.