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Private customers / 18.03.2020

How to get the maximum out of your powerline home network: The best tips from devolo.

How to get the maximum out of your powerline home network: The best tips from devolo.

Did you know that underfloor heating can be a real internet signal killer? Your hot water pipes can present a major obstacle to a Wi-Fi signal, because water has a strong attenuation effect on Wi-Fi. Not to mention the fact that ceilings and walls themselves often weaken signals to the point where the remote corners of the home barely receive any signal at all. This is why millions of people are using powerline technology to fight the problem of weak Wi-Fi signals. This technology allows the Wi-Fi to overcome obstacles such as ceilings, walls and water pipes. It uses the home's own power line like a long network cable to make the internet signal available at any power outlet in the home.

Here are a few tips from devolo to get the most out of your powerline home network.

The topics of this press release:

  • Find the optimal place for the adapter
  • Check the connection
  • The perfect combination: powerline backbone with mesh-Wi-Fi
  • Use current models and install updates


Find the optimal place for the adapter

You can find the right place for your adapter by following a few simple rules. Plug the adapter directly into a power socket, not into a power strip or an extension cable. If multiple power sockets are located directly next to each other on the wall, they act just like a power strip. This means that you should leave the adjacent power sockets free to stop any connection problems. The better solution: Use the integrated electrical socket on the devolo adapter to plug in a power strip at that spot. The integrated electrical socket features an interference suppression filter function to ensure that the powerline network functions optimally.


Check the connection

There is an easy trick you can use to check whether the individual adapters are actually connected to each other: Plug both devices into a power strip next to each other. If the two adapters form a network, this will usually be indicated by an LED light (for most manufacturers). In the manufacturer's installation guide, you will also find information on the meaning of LED light flashing behaviour. If you come to find that the devices still have not paired, most adapters will allow you to carry out the pairing with the touch of a button. An added plus: pairing also encrypts the powerline communication of the adapters, thereby protecting the powerline network from unauthorised access. New powerline models such as devolo Magic even go one step further. They are already equipped with automatic encryption when shipped from the factory.


The perfect combination: powerline backbone with mesh-Wi-Fi

Powerline adapters with mesh-Wi-Fi offer a handful of improvements. The Wi-Fi access data of the router can be transferred to the powerline adapters via WPS. To do so, briefly press the specific WPS button once on the router and on the powerline adapter. This is how you create a uniform Wi-Fi network instead of multiple Wi-Fi access points with different access data. One of the advantages provided by mesh features is that they ensure a constant connection between mobile devices and the strongest devolo Wi-Fi hotspot. In addition, devices switch from one access point to another automatically. This is especially beneficial when you move from one room to another with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Use current models and install updates

If you are planning on installing a powerline network for the first time, it's a good idea to invest in devices from the latest generation. This is the future-proof way to go, since the requirements for a strong home network are always increasing. Make sure you have a sufficient number of LAN connections for the adapters, an integrated electrical socket and that the adapters support mesh-Wi-Fi, like the devolo Magic range. To provide fast and stable Wi-Fi throughout your entire home, install an adequate number of adapters. Here, you can buy Multiroom Kits in three devices packages. There are also differences in speed. The current fastest powerline adapter provides a gross data rate of 2400 Mbps. It's also important that you always install updates right away. This will ensure that you benefit from the new functions and that the security settings are always up to date. Here, too, the most recent models feature improvements in user-friendliness. For example, the Home Network App from devolo can be configured to install all available updates automatically.