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Private customers / 25.09.2019

The next big thing! Cloud gaming requires a strong home network

The next big thing! Cloud gaming requires a strong home network

Aachen, Germany, 25 September 2019. Experience computer and video games anywhere: Cloud gaming is the future of gaming. Increasing numbers of major platform operators are working on streaming services that make it possible to enjoy gaming without needing a high-performance computer or the latest console. The computing power necessary for today's games is provided by high-performance computing centres in the cloud. However, if you want to game from any room in your home, you still need a fast, stable home network.

The future of gaming in the cloud

Google joins the gaming sector – the company made headlines with this news as part of this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Internet giant is calling its gaming platform Stadia; it's scheduled for launch in November. Google is one of many companies basing their platforms on cloud gaming: Computer and video games are computed in the cloud and can be played by users on virtually any desired device.

Many aspirations, one obstacle

The benefits: You no longer need to purchase expensive computers or consoles or update your hardware regularly. Games run in a silky smooth fashion and in the highest quality on virtually any laptop, tablet or even directly on your smart TV. One critical component here is the speed and connection stability of the home network. Without a fast connection, an evening of gaming enjoyment can easily be ruined by a pixelated image and constant buffering.

Magic paves the way

As you can imagine, having a fast Internet connection is only half the battle when you're using the cloud to game. For instance, if the online connection in the house or flat is being routed through a slow and unstable Wi-Fi network, even theoretically high data transmission rates won't have enough capacity left over for you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. When that happens, stream quality suffers. The frame rate and image quality both take a nosedive. Thanks to the powerful combination of advanced Powerline technology and cutting-edge Wi-Fi features, devolo Magic offers the performance and stability that gamers need. After all, you wouldn't want to hit an obstacle during a big race or lose an online battle just because your Wi-Fi network couldn't keep up.

Prices and availability

The Magic adapters from devolo are available in two variants, Magic 1 (transmission speed up to 1,200 Mbps) and Magic 2 (transmission speed up to 2,400 Mbps). They are available online, at specialist retailers and at For setting up a new Magic home network, the Starter Kit with two adapters is a great option – the recommended retail price is EUR199.90 for devolo Magic 2 WiFi and EUR149.90 for devolo Magic 1 WiFi. The adapters are also available individually so that you can add them to your Magic network as you see fit.

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