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Private customers / 11.07.2019

Worry-free holiday: Smart tips for a secure home

Worry-free holiday: Smart tips for a secure home

Aachen, Germany, 11 July 2019 – Who hasn't experienced this? You've just arrived at your holiday destination. You're lying back in a patio chair, enjoying a light breeze, forgetting your worries and relaxing. Suddenly, worried thoughts start running through your head. Did I close all the windows? What happens if someone breaks in? Don't worry too much. The number of burglaries is fortunately declining. In particular, this is the result of greatly improved preventative measures. But how exactly do you reliably and effectively secure your home without spending a fortune?

How secure are my doors and windows?

Experts agree that effective mechanical protection – such as sturdy doors, modern locking systems and lockable windows – is an absolute must. However, given enough time, burglars can break any lock. This time is a crucial factor since every second of every minute increases their risk of getting caught. And that means that the longer it takes to break-in, the less likely they are to follow through. It's true that state-of-the-art doors, windows and locks are not cheap investments.

What's the benefit of a smart alarm system?

The number of vendors for smart alarm systems has grown considerably. Everything is available, from introductory systems to professional smart homes with source code access. For example, devolo offers a proven and user-friendly Smart Home system. The security system takes practically no time to install and features door and window contacts, motion detectors and an alarm siren. The advantage of today's smart home systems is that, during a break-in attempt, the alarm siren doesn't just go off in your home. Instead, the system immediately sends an SMS, e-mail or push notification to your smartphone no matter where you are in the world. This means that Smart Home users can even organise help while on holiday and protect their property and belongings.

Isn't there an easier way?

The short answer is yes. Protection means simulating that you are home, and this is part of the Smart Home solution, too. Intelligent power sockets turn connected lamps or music devices into smart devices. These devices can then be turned on at a desired time and then off again according to user-selected time windows. This enables presence to be simulated reliably, with relatively little effort and within a short time, even if the residents are actually enjoying their holiday on a beach far away.

Smart Homes – aren't they terribly complicated?

devolo's Home Control is a great choice for those who are looking to start off with a basic system but may want to expand it eventually. Set-up doesn't require any prior knowledge and takes only a few minutes. The safety rules are easy to set up in the free app and the system can be expanded using additional building blocks at any time. The system from this Aachen-based manufacturer has already received multiple awards and independent IT experts have thoroughly tested its data security from top to bottom. Caution: When selecting the right Smart Home system, please check whether there are monthly services charges. Before purchasing, please also check the manufacturer's website to see which smart components are offered.