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Smart Grid – The intelligent power grid of tomorrow.

devolo Smart Grid is the hardware manufacturer for the intelligent power grid. We offer communication and security solutions from a single source. As pioneers of technology, we have spent many years leading the world in the Powerline sector and have been a dependable partner for energy providers, network operators and measuring point operators. devolo. A strong partner for the smart requirements of the future.  


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Customised solutions for our telecommunications partners

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience, we can offer you customised solutions for special requirements in a variety of countries and help you to develop the best solution for your customers.  


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We make insurance smart

The insurance business is transforming and digitalisation is changing time-tested business models in fundamental ways. Insurance companies now have the chance to re-position themselves. They can go from loss adjusters to "loss preventers" and companions in everyday life. It's all based on smart insurance offers. They combine smart technologies, custom insurance packages and emergency services. For more security, increased damage prevention, better customer retention—and additional sales volume.

We give your business an energy boost

devolo offers energy providers customised solutions for a quick and easy entry into the emerging smart home market. By adding devolo Home Control to their services, energy providers increase the attractiveness of what they offer thanks to added value for their customers. The Smart Home solution from devolo is ideal for getting and keeping customers.


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Business solutions for professional use

From long-standing companies to start-ups, each company has its own networking scenario to manage. In older buildings, wireless networking and powerline are often the only option. We have tried-and-tested, reliable, secure and easy-to-use solutions for you, from the smallest data point to the cloud.


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