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Intelligent communication for E-charging stations

We're seeing an increasing number of vehicles driving on our roads that are powered by electricity. These vehicles require a comprehensive and efficient charging infrastructure. Smart data transfer between the vehicle and charging station is an absolute must if we want to ensure that vehicles can be charged quickly and hassle-free. This is the only way to communicate charging states and customise charging speeds so that they match the battery equipment of the specific vehicle. This makes vehicle-to-grid communication especially important for high-speed charging with direct current as well as for combined charging systems (CCS).

By offering devolo dLAN Green PHY products, we are providing a preconfigured module based on QCA7000 chipsets that is very versatile in how it can be used. Its hardware interfaces and extensive software development kit allow the devolo solution to be integrated into a wide variety of software environments with minimal development effort.

The module can even be used outside of e-mobility. It can be used as a Powerline solution in smart devices in order to connect them to the Internet of Things extremely quickly and efficiently.


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Perfect connection of office devices and workstations

The office world speaks IP: Computers, servers, printers, scanners, copiers and other office devices are connected to the Internet and intranet, providing an optimal workflow for efficient operation organization. However, the devices are frequently installed at locations in which no network connection is available. Furthermore, when expanding office spaces, installation of network cables makes up a large part of the cost. In these cases, devolo provides an alternative to conventional IT cabling with its professional dLAN® Powerline products. dLAN® Powerline is quick, stable and secure - and can be installed time and cost-efficiently during running operation.

With dLAN® Powerline, individual network-compatible devices or entire workstations are supplied with Internet and intranet in no time. Furthermore, smartphones, tablets and laptops can also be integrated via WiFi with dLAN®. Due to its scalability, the network technology grows as its tasks do. During this process, it can easily add to conventional cable connections or replace them completely.


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Optimally networked for state-of-the-art medical care

It is not possible to imagine medical practices and care facilities without IT and state-of-the-art medical technology, which frequently is networked. For instance, along with electronic health card readers, laboratory measuring devices, medical diagnostic devices and monitoring tools work together closely in the medical practice's network. And because of advancing digitalization, many medical practices are due for a modernization or expansion of the IT network. But these technical modifications in the practice requiring construction work typically do not meet the strict hygiene requirements. Either the practice's operations must shut down completely or only a portion of the rooms can be used. devolo provides an alternative to conventional networking through dLAN® Powerline.


The professional devolo dLAN® Powerline products with AES 128-bit encryption enable a highly secure, high-performance network. This frees medical professionals from the burden of conventional network modernization that frequently requires renovation work, making it extremely time and cost-intensive.


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Satisfying customers is the objective

Food service specialists and hoteliers require a strong network in their facilities for connecting the IT infrastructure of booking, POS and order systems as well as other computers, servers and printers and web-based video or music server solutions. They must also be able to provide their guests with a stable wireless Internet connection that increases the visit duration and, therefore, sales, and also enables additional monetisation models. Furthermore, many hotels are planning to provide all information and communication technology programs in the guest rooms based on IP. The versatile requirements call for a flexible, stable and secure network that can be installed easily and expanded as desired or that efficiently supplements an existing infrastructure. Because one thing is certain: complicated routing of network cables with drilling and dirt is not an option. After all, guests should be comfortable.

Only a happy guest is a good guest! With professional Powerline products from devolo, all digital devices in the facility are connected perfectly, whether cable-based or wireless, allowing guests to experience perfect service throughout their visit and making them want to return.


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