Tailored in-home networking solutions for Operators and ISPs

Distributed WiFi access over a strong backbone

A powerline backbone provides freedom to Operators and its customers alike:

Distribute your services over a reliable backbone, while reserving the maximum of the WiFi spectrum for customer premises. No matter the size, location or construction type – services can be distributed in any kind of customer home.

Self-organizing network features with mesh functionality, Multi Access Points and intelligent comfort feature management ensure that you‘re prepared for every use case your customer can think of today or tomorrow.



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Our in-home networking solutions


If you’d first like to discuss your visions and plans with us, we’ll be happy to work with you on creating the perfect solution to realize your project.


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Why devolo

That key players in the operator market have chosen devolo as their single supplier partner for over 10 years, is proof that devolo stands for quality, reliability and the ability to adapt with the times. This is evident through our innovative product lines and tight supply chains. We have a proven track record of lowering consumer calls and return rates, which has a positive effect on our partners’ bottom line.


For devolo to lead the European markets (both retail and operator) means that we are doing something right. At the core, our product designs bridge cutting-edge technology with simplicity for the end-user. With all of our success in both retail and OEM businesses, we help our operator partners to grow every step of the way. From the correct product decision, to approving product features and functionality, as well as product positioning, after sales support and service, devolo is able to provide a suite of knowledge and expertise to grow and maintain your market share.


Today, devolo partners with more than 16 operators all over Europe and the Middle East and has established a very stable and successful customer base.