Together with the devolo BPL Repeater, the devolo BPL Headend creates a high-availability data network at the low-voltage level.

  • Robust connectivity thanks to modern standard
  • High-performance all-rounder
  • Strong data rate of 200 Mbps
  • Long range
  • Less repeaters
  • 100% building penetration
  • Automatic configuration and integration (zero touch deployment)


Benefits at a glance


200 Mbps data rate (gross) in the frequency range between 2 and 25 MHz.


400 meters range depending on network properties and topology.

Connect it, and you‘re done!

BPL devices configure and integrate themselves (zero touch deployment).


Optimum network coverage, interference redundancy and range thanks to multiphase coupling.

Noise immunity

Maximum interference immunity thanks to technology.


Data security through AES 128-bit data encryption.

PLC coupling

Capacitive or inductive data coupling, 3-phase.


Protection against environmental influences due to robust construction according to IP41.

Technical data

Show technical data

PLC standard: according to ITU-T G.9960, optimised for access communication

PLC frequency range: 2 to 25 MHz

Functionality: ETH over PLC Bridge or LTE over PLC Bridge

Protocols: IPv6, IPv4, IEEE 802.3

LTE (optional): LTE backward compatible to GPRS / EDGE, EU frequency bands 800 MHz and 1800 MHz (GPRS/ EDGE: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz)

Transfer rate: 200 Mbps (gross)

Modulation: 4096/1024/256/64-QAM, QPSK, BPSK (OFDM)

Range: 400 m depending on the network properties and topology

Security: AES 128-bit layer 2, higher level authentication based on 802.1X (RADIUS)

LEDs: Operation indicator, Ethernet communication, PLC data transmission, LTE communication, network management

Management: SNMP v3

Response time: 60 ms (typ.)

Device interfaces: 2x RJ45 (Ethernet), 2x RJ12 (external coupler), LTE antenna, pluggable connector with screw terminal (power supply)

Power consumption: 6 W (without LTE) / 8 W (with LTE), (max.)

Supply voltage: 230 V AC mains (L + N)

PLC coupling: 3-phase (multiphase coupling) capacitive or inductive with external coupler each

Dimensions (in mm): 50 (width) x 150 (height) x 135 (depth)

Ambient temperature (storage / operation): -40 °C to +85 °C / -40 °C to +70 °C

Ambient conditions: 10 - 90% humidity (non-condensing)

Degree of ingress protection: IP 53

Protection class / dielectric strength: Class 2 / Category IV

Approvals: CE Class A (EU, CH, NO)

Conformity, further standards: EN 61850-3, EN 60870-2-1, EN 60870-2-2, EN 62368-1


The devolo BPL Repeaters provide a reliable and stable data communication between end points, cable distribution boxes and local distribution stations. The BPL Headend is the link between mains supply and back-end. The changeover of data transmission technology from Powerline to LTE/glass fibre and vice versa takes place at the local distribution station. The integration of all intelligent measuring systems into the wide area network (WAN) works over the created communication infrastructure. In addition, the technology, with its very short response times, is ideal for grid-conducive applications and switching operations.


Automatic BPL network setup

devolo BPL products include a so-called "zero touch deployment". All devices produced for an energy supplier customer are automatically (Germany-wide) connected to any PLC domain of this customer. The installation technician does not require any extensive additional training to connect the BPL infrastructure. It has never been so easy to install and operate a Powerline network!



Together with the other BPL system components, the devolo BPL Headend enables the transmission of data as over an Ethernet network. The entire system behaves like a large ethernet switch, with the individual components representing distributed ethernet ports.


The headend is the network-side transition to an uplink. All remote devices (end nodes, smart meter gateways, repeaters) connect directly or indirectly (via repeaters) to the headend. The resulting topology is automatically

established by the system and, if necessary, dynamically follows influences in the network (line path switches, interferences).


Automatic Domain Selection

For the remote devices (end nodes, smart meter gateways, repeaters), the headends with the best connection properties are selected automatically.

Dynamic change in case of losing the domain: All remote system components can automatically integrate into adjacent domains if required.



Use of SNMP v3 protocol. This enables the integration of devolo system components into complex network management systems (umbrella system). The headend acts as an SNMP proxy for the downstream repeaters and

end devices.


More about BPL technology from devolo

Downloads (devolo BPL Headend)


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