The devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k is the all-rounder in the low-voltage network and is ideally suited for smart grid applications thanks to it‘s extremely long range.


  • Use of the mains supply for secure and stable data transmission
  • Impressive range
  • 100% building penetration
  • Optimal network coverage – without repeater
  • High data rate in the 150 to 500 kHz frequency band for smart grid applications
  • Time- and cost-efficient integration into your energy network

Benefits at a glance

Optimal network coverage

Up to 1.7 km without a repeater. Based on network characteristics and topology.

100% building penetration

Reliable and stable access to every measuring system in a building.


Integration of older devices into the smart grid using the serial port.


Use of own infrastructure. No additional communication expenses.

Scalable to any extent

Connectivity even with just a few devices in a network cluster.

Connect it, and you‘re done!

Simple installation on a DIN rail. The PLC network independently builds itself.

Self-organising data network

Independent, flexible network set-up.

Investment protection

Technological sustainability thanks to international standardization (ITU-T G.9903).

Technical data

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Standards: G3-PLC specification (ITU-T G.9903)

Functionality: Ethernet over G3-PLC, Serial over G3-PLC

Protocols: IPv6, IPv4, IEEE 802.3

Transfer rates (gross): 240 kbps (max D8PSK)

Modulation: Robo,DBPSK, DQPSK, D8PSK (OFDM)

Network characteristics: Dynamic routing mechanism supports mesh networking and automatic connection adjustment for selecting the optimum transmission path. Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) improves error detection and data reliability

Range: Up to 1,700 m depending on network characteristics and topology

Security: AES 128-bit layer 2

LEDs: Operation indicator, PLC connected/ data transmission, fault indicator

Buttons: Reset / factory default

Frequency band: 150 to 490 kHz

Output power: 100 dBμV/-9 dBm @ 50 ohms

Device connection: RJ45 (Ethernet), RJ12 (serial), screw clamp (mains supply)

Power consumption: 4 W @ 10 kbps bidirectional data communication @ 3 ohms of line impedance

Voltage supply: 230 V AC three-phase / single-phase (internal fuse protection with 50 kA breaking capacity)

PLC coupling: 1 or 3 phases to neutral

Dimensions (in mm): 71 (width) x 100 (45+55) (height) x 75 (depth)

Temperature (Storage / Operation): -25 °C to 70 °C / -25 °C to 55 °C

Ambient conditions: 10 - 90% humidity (non-condensing)

Protection class: IP 30

Approvals: CE Class A (EU, CH, NO)


G3-PLC for all smart grid applications.


Stable data communication is the basic requirement for a smart low-voltage network. The importance of measuring devices for network status monitoring and network control technology continues to increase and the devices have to be integrated into the smart grid in way that enables communication. G3-PLC uses the existing power line for bidirectional data communication.


Older network control technology can also be integrated into the smart grid using the serial port on the G3-PLC modem 500k. This makes G3-PLC the perfect solution for obsolete forms of communication such as analogue telephones or CSD wireless system.


For firmware updates, please contact our support team:


Phone: 0241-182 79-170

Actual firmware version: 1.3.0 (01.07.2019)


Serial port in smart metering.

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