Product features

Anyone looking to set up a home network across several floors is familiar with the problem of poor WiFi signals. The signal is too weak right at the place where the connection is needed most or it doesn't even reach distant rooms. The devolo WiFi Repeater puts an end to this problem by extending your existing network.


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Perfect for WLAN devices

Enrich your everyday life with a perfect Internet connection!

Enrich your everyday life with a perfect Internet connection!

This lets you surf on your tablet or smartphone in comfort from anywhere in your flat − all at the high speed you're used to.

Connect the selected terminal devices to the WiFi repeater through WiFi or the Ethernet LAN port using network cables. Connect your smart TV and game console directly to your WiFi network using any electrical socket without long cable connections. Integrated WPS encryption ensures secure surfing and can be switched on or off at the device.

Benefits at a glance

The Internet signal amplifier

The repeater acts as an extension to your existing WiFi network by amplifying the Internet signal on any floor. Use the integrated Ethernet LAN port for terminal devices like smart TVs and game consoles. Take advantage of any possibility provided by your WiFi network with technology from devolo.

Compact design

  • Compact design – versatile positioning throughout your house
  • Easily and quickly boosts the range of your available Wi-Fi network
  • With up-to 300 Mbps data throughput for fast Wi-Fi

Rely on the number 1

  • Rely on the number 1: Why is devolo your best choice? Innovation developed in Germany, more than 300 awards and seals of quality, a full three-year guarantee and most importantly: millions of satisfied customers
  • Visual LED display indicates your current Wi-Fi signal strength at all times

Compatible with all common WLAN routers

No previous networking knowledge is needed to operate the repeater: simply plug it into any electrical socket, switch on your WiFi and start surfing. The compact design of the WiFi Repeater helps it fit harmoniously into any room in your home. A multi-tier LED display provides continuous information on signal strength. Thanks to the 802.11n WiFi standard, the repeater is compatible with all common WiFi routers.

40 million satisfied customers

More than 40 million satisfied customers around the world already enjoy the benefits of their devolo dLAN® home networks.

The following WiFi devices are recommended for the devolo WiFi Repeater:
  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • notebook

Supported operating systems
  • from Windows 7
  • from Mac OS X 10.6
  • from Ubuntu - Linux 14.04

Scope of delivery
  • 1x devolo WiFi Repeater (B/H/T: 58 x 105 x 42 mm)
  • 1x installation guide

Support / FAQ

Can I use devolo products in power strips with surge protection?

The majority of power strips with surge protection available in stores will cause impairment of the devolo network‘s performance and thus can be recommended only to a limited extend. An exception is models designed specifically for operation in combination with devolo adapters.These are available, for example, from APC in its PL8VT3 and PL5B models.

How do devolo devices behave in the event of power surges (such as lightning strikes)?

devolo products are protected from overvoltages and power surges in the mains supply network according to national and EU-wide regulations and standards. Compliance with these regulations is reviewed and confirmed by independent accredited laboratories. devolo products are always safe, i.e. the devices never pose a danger, even in the event of a power surge.In rare cases, local power surges (e.g. nearby lightning strike) may exceed the defined voltage level. In these cases, the built-in surge protection that is a feature of devolo products is activated to avoid further damage. The device usually becomes inoperable in the process.Connected devices (via network cable or the integrated power outlet) are not protected by this feature. Here, we recommend connecting a power strip with surge protection to the product‘s power outlet.