Product features

No longer want to think about which room you can get a good Internet connection in at home? Had enough of having to sit next to the router to surf without problems? Then it's time for the most powerful duo from devolo. The power players are the ideal partners for fibre-optic connections, which often have their routers installed in the cellar. They set the maximum power of your Internet connection free again all through the house: the DINrail adapter is installed directly in the distribution box. From there, it ensures maximised data transfer to any socket via the power line.


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Perfect for gaming

With the perfect Internet for an undisturbed gaming experience.

Cost-effective, future-oriented dLAN all-rounder

The dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail is a smart, highly modern device that is affixed to the DIN rail of a control cabinet or power distribution box. It allows you to bring a host of scenarios to perfect fruition, from M2M communication to extensive multimedia networks. You can surf the Internet, stream your favourite films or play sophisticated online games unimpeded with maximum performance at any time, all without losing any speed in your home network. 

Video: devolo Powerline Technology

Powerline adapters provides you with high-speed Internet from the electrical socket. Connect your computer, consumer electronics and additional network-compatible devices to the Internet easily using the simple home network. You can reach longer ranges without power loss thanks to range+ Technology. The Powerline adapters use the household power line for the Internet connection, making any power outlet an Internet connection. A fast connection in all rooms and on all floors is now possible without complicated wiring. Get your LAN from the electrical socket − on all floors, in the basement and even in the garden with Powerline.

Benefits at a glance

1,200 Mbps Powerline technology

  • 1,200 Mbps Powerline technology with MIMO transmission (also on PE)
  • Maximised Powerline network performance using integrated phase coupling and patented signal coupling processes
  • Secure integration in the control cabinet or distribution box on a DIN rail (DINrail – 4 sub-units) via direct installation

Enables extensive networking

  • Enables extensive networking for multimedia transmission, building automation (smart home), energy data acquisition, machine-to-machine communication and much more
  • Up to 400 metre range over the electrical wiring in the building
  • Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45)

Advantages of the DINrail compared with standard dLAN adapters

Our most powerful combination is particularly suitable for fiber optic connections where the router is in the basement. Thanks to innovative devolo range+ technology, you can easily bridge long distances in the power grid.

The integrated phase coupling and parallel use of all lines of the house network also releases the maximum performance of your Internet connection - for unlimited streaming and gaming action throughout the house.

Gigabit Powerline bridge in your control cabinet or distribution box

The Powerline bridge is essentially suitable for all types of distribution boxes. They only need to comply with the DIN standard and have four part units of space.

The dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail is compatible with all devolo dLAN® Powerline adapters from the 200/500/550/650/1,200 mbit/s product series.

The following LAN and WLAN devices are recommended for the dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail:
  • network storage
  • printer
  • computer
  • games console
  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • smart tv
  • notebook

Supported operating systems
  • from Windows 7
  • from Mac OS X 10.8
  • from Ubuntu-Linux 14.04

Scope of delivery
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail Adapter
  • 1x Ethernet-cable RJ45-RJ45
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x CD-ROM with PDF operating instructions and configuration software