Product features

devolo offers an intelligent solution for networking over the electrical wiring in commercial environments with its dLAN®pro 1200+ PoE. This professional adapter not only offers a top data transfer rate of up to 1200 Mbps, but is also equipped with integrated PoE support, which reliably supplies power to PoE-compatible terminal devices, such as access points and VoIP phones.

Suitable for the following applications

Medical practices

Along with electronic health card readers, laboratory measuring devices, medical diagnostic devices and monitoring tools work together closely in the medical practice's network. And because of advancing digitalization, many medical practices are due for a modernization or expansion of the IT network. 

Hotels & food services

Food service specialists and hoteliers require a strong network in their facilities for connecting the IT infrastructure of booking, POS and order systems as well as other computers, servers and printers and web-based video or music server solutions. They must also be able to provide their guests with a stable wireless Internet connection.

Office buildings

The office world speaks IP: Computers, servers, printers, scanners, copiers and other office devices are connected to the Internet and intranet, providing an optimal workflow for efficient operation organization. Furthermore, when expanding office spaces, installation of network cables makes up a large part of the cost.

Benefits at a glance

Reliable network connections over the power line

  • Long range of up to 400 metres in buildings
  • Security: 128-bit data encryption (AES)
  • Short installation times and cost-efficient integration (without routing cables or drilling through walls)
  • Supports flexible network architectures such as peer-to peer or master-slave networks (multi-dwelling units)

Ensures a more stable Internet connection with much longer ranges

  • In addition to the phase and neutral wires, it also uses the earth wire for the best possible data rates and range
  • Thanks to the integrated electrical socket, the power outlet (230 V / 16 A) remains available
  • A special mains filter attenuates the interference signals, ensuring an optimal and interference-free data transmission
  • Long range of up to 400 metres in buildings


The range+ Technology is one aspect that makes this high bandwidth possible. It allows all three lines in the electric mains circuit to be used for data transmission. The fast and easy installation in conjunction with the devolo software enables efficient integration into professional networks.

Scope of delivery

Single adapter
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200+ PoE  (W/H/D: 76 x 152 x 40 mm)

1x Installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200+ PoE (W/H/D: 76 x 152 x 40 mm)
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200+ PoE (W/H/D: 66 x 130 x 42 mm)
  • 1x Installation guide