Certificates and associations

As a research company, it is devolo's intention to present its expertise in the scope of Europe-wide and international committees and, together with the other members, provide open standards that are relevant to real-world use.
devolo AG places great importance on international standards and is a member of the IEEE, Powerline® Powerline Alliance, EEBus e.V. and OMS Group consortia.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001Ultimate quality and customer satisfaction are the guiding principles of devolo AG. This is why we decided to introduce a quality management system and have been ISO certified since early 2011. A company's quality management system defines the standards that have to be met in its production and service departments to maintain and enhance efficiency and to ensure effective quality assurance in all departments and at all interfaces. Our quality management system is compliant with the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standard. Introduction and certification were assisted and supported to a great extent by TÜV Rheinland.


Wi-Fi-AllianzWi-Fi Alliance is a merger of Wi-Fi manufacturers focussed on the interoperability of Wi-Fi products and ensures their inspection and certification. devolo also ensures its Wi-Fi products are certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Home Gateway Initiative (HGI)

Home Gateway Initiative (HGI)devolo is a member of the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI). The HGI publishes hardware and software requirements for the digital home in order to connect consumers and service providers. These include home gateways, home networks and home network devices.


ETSIThe European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) establishes standards valid worldwide for information and communications technologies. The ETSI technical committee PLT (Power Line Telecommunications) standardises PLC systems and researches the technical prerequisites to prevent interferences to users of the radio frequency spectrum.


IEEEIEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation. devolo focuses on international standards and is a member of the IEEE consortium. In this role, devolo has made a major contribution to the IEEE 1901 standard.


BITKOMdevolo is an active member of BITKOM e.V. BITKOM is the collective voice of the IT, telecommunications and new-media sectors. BITKOM represents more than 1,700 companies, over 1,200 of which are direct members.

G3-PLC Alliance

G3-PLC AllianceThe G3-PLC Alliance was founded to implement, support and promote G3-PLC technology in smart grid applications. devolo is a member of the alliance and is actively involved in various groups.

SmartHome Initiative Deutschland

SmartHome Initiative DeutschlandThe SmartHome Initiative Deutschland is a cross-trade, interdisciplinary communication platform. It promotes the exchange of experience between the regional SmartHome organisations and providers from the research, development, industry, commerce and skilled crafts sectors. devolo is an active member and plays a part in the advisory board of the initiative.

EEBus e.V.

EEBus e.V.With membership in the EEBus e.V. organisation, devolo is joining one of the most important standardisation initiatives in the smart communication sector. The members of this committee are jointly developing a standardised networking concept for the smart grid and smart home.


OMS-GroupIn order to standardise utility meter communication within the smart home, renowned groups and companies have joined together in the OMS Group. With the Open Metering System Specification, the organisation has developed the European standard EN 13757-x for utility meters. For this, devolo already offers a product that guarantees a stable and secure transmission of meter data.

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