dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac Starter Kit product Packaging

Evaluation dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac

Plcwifi.es - 5/5


Evaluation: 5/5
Output: 3/2016

’’If you are looking for the PLC with the best combined performance between Ethernet and WiFi , stop looking because you‘ve already found it. dLAN® 1200 + WiFi Ac is all that you can expect from a PLC high-end and with this price: high speed through its Ethernet ports and outstanding performance in both WiFi ac channels, being today the only PLC of the market that can guarantee more than real 200Mbps over WiFi’’.

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Reshift Digital - Platin

Reshift Digital

Evaluation: Platin
Output: 11/2015

“The powerline adapters are the best we have tested so far.”

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Oblikon - 4,5/5


Evaluation: 4,5/5
Output: 11/2015

dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac : a excellent PLC

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Blackmod.es - Gold Medal


Evaluation: Gold Medal
Output: 3/2016

“It is certainly a recommended installation for all the people who want to have the maximum speed on their WiFi network regardless of the distance they are from the router‘

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Syndrome-oc - 90/100


Evaluation: 90/100
Output: 9/2015

"Devolo provides a powerline kit very complete and interesting: speed, Wi-Fi ac, rising minimal ping, network interface and manufacturing quality."

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MacFan - 9/10


Evaluation: 9/10
Output: 6/2015

"The devolo 1200+ would be perfect if the units were less massive. The devolo 1200+ has an excellent wifi signal, built-in power outlet, is easy to set up and has a nice design."

Muy Computer/ MuyTV - Recommended, 5 stars

Muy Computer/ MuyTV

Evaluation: Recommended, 5 stars
Output: 3/2016

“The new dLAN® 1200® + Wifi ac of devolo is an ideal option to improve our domestic network.“

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Computer Totaal - 4,5 / 5 stars

Computer Totaal

Evaluation: 4,5 / 5 stars
Output: 4/2015

"The dLAN® 1200+ WiFi power powerline adapters are the best we‘ve tested so far."

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MNTEK - Recommended


Evaluation: Recommended
Output: 2/2016

“This key offers efficient WiFi to all PC and Mobile Mac. It‘s an excellent device when applied to optical fiber connections or high-speed networks. The highlights are the WiFi connectivity that is always stable even at some distance and the practical and intuitive management”.

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Aberto até madrugada - Hot product

Aberto até madrugada

Evaluation: Hot product
Output: 10/2015

"At a time when Netflix arrives in Portugal, the dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac could be the solution to get Internet in the TV to see your favorite movies and series."

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De Volkskrant - 4/5 Stars

De Volkskrant

Evaluation: 4/5 Stars
Output: 1/2015

"Install the new power-line adapter and fairy tales will exist."

Hardaily.com - Titanium Medal


Evaluation: Titanium Medal
Output: 2/2016

"This is the best kit of devolo with higher performance released to date, and it combines the PLC + WiFi technology. This clearly combines the best of both worlds and is sufficient for most needs in every home.”

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Tuexperto - Recommended Product


Evaluation: Recommended Product
Output: 3/2015

“The important WiFi connection improvement we get not only results in download and upload speed increase, but we could also confirm devolo adapter’s WiFi signal is stable and it allow us to visualize multimedia contents on the Internet without any interruption. At the same time, the results obtained using an Ethernet cable connection were not disappointing at all, they were even surprising”.

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Gaming Sports - Silver

Gaming Sports

Evaluation: Silver
Output: 11/2015

“devolo dLAN® 1200+ Wifi Ac starter kit is a simple and real solution, easy to install and set up, that allows users to keep the same cable internet quality without losing speed or ping and while spreading WiFi to areas far away from the router. I can only say I am not uninstalling it because it fulfils a vital need at my office, that, other way, we would have had to fulfil through a supplementary installation with our phone company”

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Computer Hoy - Test winner

Computer Hoy

Evaluation: Test winner
Output: 10/2015

"Devolo dLAN+ 1200ac WiFi is the clear winner."

Magazine HD - Recommendation

Magazine HD

Evaluation: Recommendation
Output: 8/2015

"These powerlines are currently the best option for the most demanding users or to someone who wants peace of mind regarding WiFi expansion at home or in a small office."

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macsoluciones.com - 4/5 stars


Evaluation: 4/5 stars
Output: 6/2015

It’s the option (in uppercase) to take network connection, with good quality, to every house corners in which other options imply a bigger expense and, even so, they won’t ensure the same bandwith… and I’m talking from experience.

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Strong Player - 10/10

Strong Player

Evaluation: 10/10
Output: 5/2015

“It’s an easy to install device and extremely usefull to everyone who can’t get an Internet signal everywhere in the house (even if you live in a duplex or villa).”

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Daily-Multimedia.com - 4,5 / 5 Stars


Evaluation: 4,5 / 5 Stars
Output: 1/2015

Tested by editor, the product is highly recommendable and to date there is nothing more practical to connect a remote device.

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Mac Format - 5 / 5 stars

Mac Format

Evaluation: 5 / 5 stars
Output: 3/2015

“These plugs solve WiFi issues and extend your network at the push of a button.”

Exame Informática - Recommended

Exame Informática

Evaluation: Recommended
Output: 2/2015

"In just a few minutes we plugged in this Powerline unit and got a quality Wi-Fi signal in every room of the house as if the computer was connected directly to the router through a network cable."

Jason Slater Technology Review - 4.5 / 5 Stars

Jason Slater Technology Review

Evaluation: 4.5 / 5 Stars
Output: 2/2015

"a solution that is very hard to beat"

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Jason Slater - 4,5 Stars

Jason Slater

Evaluation: 4,5 Stars
Output: 2/2015

A comprehensive Wi-Fi and Powerline combination which makes for a solution that is very hard to beat.

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