Research and Development

devolo offers expertise on the market for Powerline technology like no other company. Since its establishment, the company has heavily shaped development in this segment. More than 90 developers work at the Aachen location on Powerline products to constantly increase their performance, forming one of the largest Powerline research teams in the world.

As the driving force behind the development of data communication and data security solutions, devolo is creating international standards as part of its membership in renowned organisations and associations. Together with domestic and international partners, devolo is involved in PLC systems research and data security research. As part of this collaboration, the company is also active in various funding projects for successfully confronting the challenges of the future with innovative products and services.

devolo Research and Development

Through various research projects in the smart grid area, devolo was able to build one-of-a-kind expertise from which all customers in this segment benefit today.

The dedication ranges from collaboration with universities to co-operation with renowned companies in the industry:

SiDaFab - Secure data communication for the distributed factory of the future
CONNECT - Innovative smart components, modules and appliances for a truly connected, secure smart grid
Callia - Direct load compensation for the neighbouring distribution networks of two states
C/sells - the smart grid window into the future
WindNODE - Northeast Germany sets the example for smart energy
enera - digitalisation of the energy supply
SEnCom - System security of energy supply networks
StromKOM - Power meter with integrated G3-PLC modem
ENERGIE - Measurement of the low-voltage side network state variables in real time
SmartLive - sustainable innovation development in the Living Lab for the smart home/smart energy
SPIDER - Secure Powerline data communication in intelligent energy networks
FINESCE - Future INternet Smart Utility ServiCEs
UUIS - Practically oriented development and testing of comprehensive energy management solutions
ACEMIND / AutoConfig 2.5 - Flexible use of various data transmission paths
Project ELABOX - Innovative electric vehicle charging station communication
HIGHPERF-PLC - Access Powerline for intelligent energy networks
GREENTRANS - Development of a broadband modem for cars to communicate via a connected charging cable
TECHNO-PLC - Development of a communication module for communicating between transformer houses
DLC-VIT4IP - High-performance energy data communication on IP infrastructure

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