Uninterrupted gaming experience – for PC, game console, and mobile terminal devices!

Gaming – does this remind you only of the many games available for PC?Admittedly, there are certainly enthusiasts who spend lots of time with complex strategy games and assemble a high-quality gaming PC. But console gaming makes gaming with friends who meet on Saturday afternoon or even on a weekday evening to play together an event.

There are now also numerous offers for smartphones or tablets that make gaming a recreational option for anyone. Smartphones or tablets can help kill a few minutes of waiting time or help you to relax for a few hours on the couch after a hard day’s work. It’s no wonder that game apps are among the most popular applications for mobile terminal devices, since many of them are available free of charge. Perfect for all kinds of gaming fun, but only with a reliable internet connection.

Product recommendations for gaming

Tips for relaxed gaming enjoyment

1. Find the best place

To experience fun instead of frustration, figure out where you spend the most time gaming. The farther you are from your router, the weaker the WiFi signal will be. To find out where the signal is strongest, you can use our cost-free “WiFi help” app for Android devices. But the tool only works if the GPS function is enabled. The app also shows what devices are suitable for use.

2. Connect the console via LAN

"Gran Turismo Sport" on PlayStation4, "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" on Xbox One? It’s lots of fun to game with friends online. In order to enjoy this fun to its fullest, it’s a good idea to connect the gaming console directly to the internet with a LAN cable. If the router is in the living room, but your gaming station is in the attic, you can use dLAN adapters.These adapters can, of course, be equipped with WiFi function.

3. Discover games for your tablet

You might sit on the couch or lie down in bed to relax after a tough day. That is why many media regularly introduce the best games for tablets. For online games, make sure you have a good internet connection. The bedroom in particular is a place where the signal often seems sufficient, but causes repeated connection crashes, resulting in returns to the home screen. A WiFi-capable dLAN adapter can help.

4. Reliably connect more devices

You use your PC, game console, and tablet for gaming? Then you probably have a multi-media corner at home where many terminal devices are to be supplied with a reliable internet connection. The devolo GigaGate allows PC, game console, and smart TV to run at the same time without any problems. The WiFi Bridge supplies up to five terminal devices reliably with stable high-speed internet – perfect for simultaneous streaming, surfing, and online gaming!

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds without interruption

It has been a long day. The kids are asleep. Off to bed, break out the smartphone or tablet, and start your favourite game. But what’s this? At first everything was working fine, but suddenly the picture freezes up.The reason is not hard to figure out: The router signal is too weak. The resulting lags making gaming a lot less fun. 

Whether you’re trying to play match-three puzzles like “Fishdom”, a managerial simulation like “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, or a strategy game like "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes", it only works if the WiFi signal is strong enough. But if you are in a room that is too far from the router, the gaming experience can shut down without warning. In a flat, the problem can be solved with a repeater, but in a house, you need a WiFi-capable dLAN adapter.


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How do interruptions show up?

Ping, latency, lag? We will explain what these terms mean. Let’s take an online role-playing game as an example: you get together with other players in a team, form a guild, and explore extensive worlds. You fight against various other teams, meaning that lots of players are accessing the game server at the same time. This server essentially sends data packages so that the players perceive the big picture of what’s going on.If there are temporal differences during this transfer process, however, so-called lags arise. The game jumps, your character freezes for fractions of a second, and the other players may have passed you up. In the worst case, the connection is lost altogether ...

How can you figure out what the problem is?The best way is to use a speed test. These tools measure not only the internet connection’s available bandwidth, but also analyse the ping and thus provide information about latency. The following rule applies: The lower the ping value, the more stable the connection and the lower the latency (in milliseconds, or ms). Low latency means fewer lags.

Our product recommendations for you

devolo Magic 2 WiFi

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  • Two Gigabit LAN connections for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.

devolo Magic 2 LAN

  • High speed up to 2400 Mbps for your digital freedom.
  • Fast and reliable Internet in any corner of your home thanks to Powerline.
  • One Gigabit LAN connection for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.

devolo Magic 1 LAN

  • High speed up to 1200 Mbps for your digital freedom.
  • Fast and reliable Internet in any corner of your home thanks to Powerline.
  • One Gigabit LAN connection for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.

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