The start of a wonderful connection

Is the signal of your Internet connection unable to reach from the basement up to the attic or upper floors? Do you want to be able to surf the Internet quickly without connection problems? devolo Powerline adapters are Internet amplifiers that transmit the signal over the electrical wiring.

Internet via Powerline

Powerline uses the existing power lines in the building. Data are transferred via the in-house power network. Without complex wiring.


For medium-sized homes with up to 2 floors, room ceilings, walls, and furniture: You can enjoy a strong internet connection from the basement, to the attic, to the garage.


You need at least two adapters for the power outlet: You connect one adapter to the router, and the other transforms into a network access point. You can use it to conveniently connect your smart TV, game console, or PC.


Questions and facts about getting started

  • What is Powerline?
  • How to start?
  • What makes Powerline different from a repeater?
  • Do I need a LAN or a Wi-Fi connection?

What is Powerline?

Powerline technology makes it possible to use the existing power network for data transfer. This lets you implement a network without complicated and often expensive LAN cabling. Other names for Powerline technology include PowerLAN, PLC (Powerline Communication) and dLAN (direct LAN). Powerline adapters are available with Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi.

What do I need to use Powerline products?

You need an Internet connection and a common electrical outlet. The adapters transmit the Internet signal from your router to other rooms over the electrical wiring via LAN or Wi-Fi to your devices.

What makes Powerline different from a repeater?

Wi-Fi repeaters are mostly suitable for extending a Wi-Fi signal on a single floor, as long as there are not many obstacles blocking the signal transfer, such as walls. However, repeaters rarely provide a solution to Wi-Fi connection problems across several floors. They require very open room architecture.  

Another solution for improved Wi-Fi reception even over longer distances is the powerline-adapter. In addition, the Wi-Fi network can be expanded as needed by adding more adapters.


Do I need a LAN or a Wi-Fi connection?

Wi-Fi ensures flexible home use for devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Not to mention that these devices often lack an option for a wired Internet connection.

A LAN connection is an option when speed and large amounts of data are the decisive factors. Thankfully, there are Powerline adapters with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, which means you don't have to choose just one or the other.


Wi-Fi where you need it – superfast and seamless

Fast Internet for many terminal devices. Magic 2 WiFi next brings your home network experience to a new level. High-speed Wi-Fi at speeds up to 1200 Mbps* and the latest mesh technology – that's how Internet works today!


Product Overview


* Powerline speeds up to 2000 Mbps. Wi-Fi speeds up to 1200 Mbps. Actual data throughput and data over distance will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building material and construction, and network overhead, result in lower actual data throughput rate.

Enjoy Wi-Fi from room to room for browsing, streaming and gaming with the Magic 2 WiFi next

Multiple devolo Magic adapters connect easily to form a seamless mesh network. This network lets you browse, stream and game smoothly and with consistently strong Wi-Fi reception. And it doesn't matter how many terminal devices you have online. Thanks to Multi-User MIMO technology, multiple terminal devices are supplied with a higher transfer rate at the same time.

Surfing and gaming throughout your home

Fast internet connection for your home office

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