Enrich your everyday routine with perfect internet!

When was the last time you spent the weekend without using the internet? You can’t remember, can you? And why should you? Digital capabilities enrich your daily routine and leisure activities and, by the way, give you more time for your family and hobbies.

Don’t waste any time in those irritating situations where your WiFi goes out on you. With devolo's dLAN , you are optimally connected to the Internet in your home at all times. Wherever your router’s signal has so far been unable to reach, dLAN, the network that uses power lines, opens the door to uninterrupted internet enjoyment. 


How do you want to use your internet?


The weekend! Nothing is more comfy than watching a film at home with your significant other, your family, or your friends.

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Home Office

Many people are already working from home. Thus the internet and company networks spare you the stressful commute to work.

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Tutorials in the kitchen

Do you like trying out new recipes? Platforms like YouTube, allrecipes or bbcgoodfood mean that finding recipes poses no problem any more.

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Gaming is no longer limited to the PC or game console. Numerous offers for smartphone make gaming a recreational option for anyone.

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WiFi in the garden

Thanks to little digital helpers, you can look forward to growing even more beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables in your own plots.

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Internet everywhere

Listen to your new audiobook before falling asleep or catch up on your favourite TV series. Mesh makes it easy.

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  • Removing internet dead spots
  • Secure internet

At a glance

No time? All the information is available in a concise form in the dLAN application guidebook!
Our guidebook about the issue of application gives you more inspiration for how reliable, stable internet can help you organize your work and leisure activities.


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Removing internet dead spots

The WiFi signal often doesn’t reach to the far corners of a flat or house – the bedroom, the basement, the kitchen, and the terrace. You often encounter areas in your home where there is simply no network connection , or transmission is so slow that you suffer constant service interruptions. 


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Secure internet

Anyone who spends time online should observe a few basic rules to avoid pitfalls. This is especially true for children and teenagers, so adults should also take time to learn about online security. devolo’s Powerline adapters ensure secure access.


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You want to find out more about WiFi range, getting rid of dead spots, or router and product compatibility?
Use our guidebook for optimisation tips and product recommendations

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