Energy consumption monitoring


The use of intelligent electricity meters (modern measuring equipment, mME) and intelligent measuring systems (iMSys) is not only intended to turn the tide in energy efficiency. The new devices enable end customers to analyse their electricity consumption more easily. This is the prerequisite for a more resource-conserving use of energy and promotes competition among electricity suppliers due to increased customer involvement.


Visualisation of energy consumption data for end customers


The new electricity meters are able to display different consumption values to the end user. This also applies to the devolo Three-phase electricity meter. However, the operation of the meters by means of a flashlight provided by the FNN specification basic meters proves to be cumbersome and not very practical. devolo is therefore planning to link the electricity meter and smart home system. Current and historical consumption data will be visualized and analyzed in the associated smart home app.


The perspective connection of a smart meter gateway to a smart home system opens up many more possibilities. For example, the consumption values of all division meters can be displayed to the user. In addition, the energy supplier could also have limited access to the end customer system. In the recently completed SmartLive project and the ongoing WindNODE project, devolo is examining the possibilities of practicable linking smart home solutions with intelligent measurement systems and developing corresponding solutions.


The Living Lab for Smart Home & Smart Energy.




The showcase for intelligent energy from the north-east of Germany.


In-house data communication

The challenge when integrating customer installations such as PV systems, night storage heaters or heat pumps stems from the inconsistent networking of many buildings. A reliable, building-wide network that connects every component with a smart meter gateway or a control box is only available in very rare cases. devolo in-house Powerline creates a secure and stable network available throughout the building and connects the local heat pump (or other systems) to the smart grid via the SMGW.

Smart Home for energy providers

With devolo's smart home solutions, energy providers can already offer their customers attractive products.

Further information

Reference story: "Smart connection for the smart operator"

About 110 households in the community of Wertachau near Schwabmünchen in southern Germany are testing the intelligent technology of tomorrow today. In-house PLC from devolo provides efficient, stable, and secure data transmission within the participating households for the project.


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Other smart metering applications

Metering infrastructure

Broadband Powerline for the intelligent measuring system.

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Value-added services

Make the rollout profitable with the devolo SMGWplus.

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Smart Home

Smart Home for energy providers.

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