Serial port in multi-dwelling unit


Submetering with G3-PLC


A set of large building complexes might contain a large number of meters for entire floors or individual flats for different sections which are able to connect to a network via serial RS485 bus. To date, however, the annual process of recording the consumption values on site entailed massive personnel expenses.


You will find the submetering solution with Smart Meter Gateway for the German market here:


Value-added services


Reading out the floor meters with G3-PLC


A G3-PLC Modem 500k collects the meter data for each floor (via the RS485 port) and sends the data over the building's power lines to a data collector or a router in the basement. Using this method, the utility meters are able to collect, forward and process all relevant meter data from large apartment buildings or office complexes quickly and cost-effectively with minimal effort. In addition, this approach makes it possible to offer customers a monthly, usage-based expense report.

Communicative connection of meters




Connecting meters


There is a large number of installed load profile meters permitted to operate without a smart meter gateway (SMGW) as part of the transition period to intelligent metering systems (iMsys); they are not to be replaced until the period has ended. While the majority of load profile meters communicated over analogue landline connections in the past, the scheduled phase-out of those connections has resulted in need for new means of communication.




G3-PLC for data communication of load profile meter


The load profile meters can be connected over the RS485 port of a G3-PLC Modem 500k. Using the G3-PLC network, the data is transmitted to a location with the option of uplinking to other data networks.


The devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k.

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PLC technology

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Other smart metering applications

RLM meter reading

Data communication at the medium voltage level.

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Value-added services

Make the rollout profitable with the devolo SMGWplus.

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Metering infrastructure

Broadband Powerline for the intelligent measuring system.

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