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Europe's energy goals require reliable and comprehensive integration of renewable energy at all network and voltage levels. The co-ordination between transmission and distribution service operators necessary for accomplishing this goal has been the responsibility of national network operators to date. Power transmission across borders has been taking place only at the high-voltage level thus far.

„Together on the road to a single European electricity market.“


Local compensation for renewable energy at the distribution network level could minimize the limitations placed on renewable energy systems, reduce the load of the transfer points between transmission and distribution networks and simplify the compensation between local distribution networks and higher-level transmission networks. In addition, energy losses are reduced because local generation and consumption in regions along international borders can be balanced without having to work through all of the voltage levels in an "up, over and down" path. The result would mean efficient integration of decentralized energy and stabilization of the entire European energy network.

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devolo's project contribution

  • develop an intelligent electricity meter with integrated G3-PLC technology
  • develop a control box for the European market

The project consortium

Blue.Sky Energy / Austria

BlueSky Energy is a provider and integrator of electrical energy storage systems. The product portfolio includes Redox Flow-, Lithium (LiFePo)- and AHI battery technology.BlueSky Energy analyses, calculates, plans and installs electrical energy storage systems starting at 5 kWh up to multiple MWh`s. BlueSky Energy is the only battery provider which offers all reliable electrical energy storage systems worldwide.


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Bogazici Elektrik Dagitim / Turkey

BEDAŞ (Bogazici Electricity Distribution Inc.) is the biggest distribution company in Turkey, placed in Istanbul European Side with more than 4.6M customers, 24.5 TWh distributed energy, 4.7 GW peak demand and 16 GW installed power. The R&D department hosts multi-disciplinary expertise related to both cutting edge smart grid technologies and electricity market, regulation. BEDAŞ focuses on the technical effects of the RES integrations to the grid and multi-actor business cases of energy trade especially with the coordination of TSO-DSO.


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devolo AG / Germany

devolo AG provides solutions for the intelligent electricity grid. Being a Powerline pioneer, devolo is an accounted expert for data communication via power supply line. Furthermore, devolo develops a control box for the European market for controlling decentralized generation units and intelligent electricity consumers. Also, a research focus is placed on an intelligent electricity meter with integrated G3-PLC technology.

ISC Konstanz / Germany (coordinator)

As project coordinator, ISC Konstanz aims at bringing together complementary project results obtained at the national level at the European level. This comprehensive aspect of Smart Grids as “System of Systems” imposes new challenges. It will be investigated, which ICT control and trading rules are required to enable cooperation of the involved players across European borders. ISC Konstanz is supported by the consultancy firm Dr. Langniß - Energie & Analyse.


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Pavotek / Turkey

PAVO is an industrial electronic (and mechanic) design and manufacturing company on Energy, Defence, Telecom, Automotive, and Avionic Sectors. For more than 13 years, now with 70 engineers and 125 employees in total, we develop innovative, value added, standardised, breakthrough, cost effective electronic OEM, and ODM products & systems by using FPGAs, Micro Controllers (32 to 64 bit), DSPs, and SOCs. Pavo’s role is to design Hardware and BSP (Board Support Package), Embedded algorithm software, communication software (GSM, fiber, IEC61850 protocol), and security features.


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REstore / Belgium

REstore is a leading energy technology company, focused on automated Demand Response. The company offers Automated Demand Response programs to Commercial & Industrial consumers and delivers cloud-based Demand Side Management software to Utilities. REstore, Europe’s leading DR aggregator, will leverage its patented Industrie 4.0 platform Flexpond™ in this project to develop innovative “local” demand response services, enabling better management of grid power flows for TSOs and DSOs through the usage of battery and other flexible resources.

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Salzburg Research / Austria

Salzburg Research is an independent research institute with a focus on applying information and communication technologies as well as innovation strategies to rapidly changing domains such as energy, manufacturing, mobility, and healthcare. Salzburg Research contributes to the overall project goals by developing essential ICT components for communication, energy trading and DSO-RES control and by coordinating the Austrian activities.  


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Stadtwerke Heidelberg / Germany

In its role as distribution system operator, Stadtwerke Heidelberg Netze, together with the other partners, will identify barriers in the German and European regulatory framework and develop suggestions for improvements. Additionally, Stadtwerke Heidelberg Netze will implement and supervise a pilot field test in its distribution grid.


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Technische Universität Wien / Austria

TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) is one of the most successful technical universities in Europe and, with over 27,000 students and around 3,000 scientists, it is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and teaching institution. As one of Europe’s leading research universities, fundamental research has priority at the TU Wien but in the same time, services are offered as high-quality problem solving and examination expertise for industry and economy. In this project, the research group “Operations Research and Control Systems” focuses on multi-agent smart grid business modelling with particular emphasis on inter-DSO business and storage.


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TransnetBW / Germany

TransnetBW is the transmission service system operator in South West Germany and therefore plays an integral role in today’s energy system both at the European but also at the national level. TransnetBW connects the energy sources of the future and is responsible for a secure, reliable and stable electricity supply. Under its overall system responsibility, Transnet BW is the key element that connects all roles in the energy system and carries out tasks both in the area of system service operation load management (voltage and maintenance, frequency control, restoration of supply re-establishment of the power generation parameters and network operations management) and of electricity markets (access to markets, Renewable Energy Act and levy transactions, balancing group accounting, etc.).


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Universität Stuttgart / Germany

The Institute of Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology (IEH) at the University of Stuttgart addresses questions around optimal grid planning and operation at distribution and transmission levels with high penetration of decentralized and renewable generation taking modern technologies and equipment into account. Within CALLIA, University of Stuttgart will investigate and evaluate the developed operating concepts through its Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation environment.


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VITO / Belgium

VITO is Belgium’s largest independent R&D organization on sustainable technology covering material management, chemistry, health, land use and energy. The Sustainable Energy department hosts multi-disciplinary expertise related to both electricity and heat networks including storage and conversion technologies. It focuses on flexibility identification and modelling, advanced nomination and multi-agent control strategies, multi-actor business case modelling and market design.




More projects


smart energy from north-eastern Germany


The WindNODE showcase region in north-eastern Germany is the real-life laboratory for a complete energy system. The central goal of WindNODE is to set standards for the networked energy system of the future.


More information


More than 60 partners from industry, energy and science


In the model region "Solarbogen Süddeutschland", C/sells demonstrates how intelligence in the grid can guarantee the cost-effective, secure, environmentally compatible and participatory supply of solar energy and other renewable energies.


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Digitalisation of the energy supply


The next big step in the energy revolution. The enera model region in northwestern Germany is characterised by decentralised generation of large quantities of wind energy from onshore and offshore wind farms. Ideal for testing and establishing an intelligent smart grid.


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Smart Technology Planning


PLC planning and optimization methods are used to create an intelligent network that makes optimum use of existing network capacities, connects network resources and recognizes network states.


More information


Methods for energy network actors for prevention, detection and reaction to IT attacks and outages


The next important step in energy supply is security against IT attacks and IT outages in order to guarantee a secure, stable and reliable supply in Germany.


More information


21 dedicated European companies


CONNECT aims to provide concepts, technologies and components that support enhanced integration of renewables and storage combined with intelligent management of the energy flow and thus allows to reduce the demand for primary energy, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and facilitates a decentralized energy infrastructure.


More information


Secure data communication for the distributed factory of the future


Data protection and data security for smart grid communication to be transferred to the Industry 4.0 environment for secure cross-location communication.


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