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As the number of decentralised wind and solar energy systems (with fluctuating power infeed potential) continues to increase, the large-scale enera project is looking to make important gains in the successful integration of these energy systems by establishing smart grids covering extensive areas. The project involves 75 renowned companies, institutes and political players from the Northwestern Germany model region.





The implementation of intelligent technologies (particularly the interaction between energy infrastructure and information/communication infrastructure in a smart grid) will make future energy systems significantly more efficient. This will allow renewable energies to play an even more important role in the energy mix, paving the way for a sustainable power industry.


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devolo’s project contribution

  • Development of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Broadband Powerline Communication (MIMO BPL Modem)
  • Development of a process for the rollout of intelligent measurement systems
  • Provision of Smart Meter Gateways according to enera specific requirements
  • Connection of the Smart Meter Gateway to the Smart Home System of the final consumer
  • Connection of flexibilities (e.g. biogas plants, combined heat and power plants, water storage, photovoltaic plants) to the Smart Meter Gateway



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smart energy from north-eastern Germany


The WindNODE showcase region in north-eastern Germany is the real-life laboratory for a complete energy system. The central goal of WindNODE is to set standards for the networked energy system of the future.


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More than 60 partners from industry, energy and science


In the model region "Solarbogen Süddeutschland", C/sells demonstrates how intelligence in the grid can guarantee the cost-effective, secure, environmentally compatible and participatory supply of solar energy and other renewable energies.


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Smart Technology Planning


PLC planning and optimization methods are used to create an intelligent network that makes optimum use of existing network capacities, connects network resources and recognizes network states.


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Methods for energy network actors for prevention, detection and reaction to IT attacks and outages


The next important step in energy supply is security against IT attacks and IT outages in order to guarantee a secure, stable and reliable supply in Germany.


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21 dedicated European companies


CONNECT aims to provide concepts, technologies and components that support enhanced integration of renewables and storage combined with intelligent management of the energy flow and thus allows to reduce the demand for primary energy, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and facilitates a decentralized energy infrastructure.


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Together on the way to the European internal market for electricity


The CALLIA project investigates the extent to which cross-border direct interaction between distribution networks can facilitate the integration of renewable energies beyond pure physics. The goal is a more efficient integration of decentralized energies as well as a stabilization of the pan-European power grid.


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Secure data communication for the distributed factory of the future


Data protection and data security for smart grid communication to be transferred to the Industry 4.0 environment for secure cross-location communication.


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