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The goal of SiDaFab is to develop a new IT security solution for the industrial 4.0 environment, to significantly increase protection against data theft and manipulation through both hardware- and software-based security components.

With increasing automation, today's production plants are characterized by networked computer, measurement and control systems. The previously isolated production networks are increasingly being networked with the company's own office IT, but also with systems on the customer or supplier side. Technology areas that were previously largely self-sufficient and separated are converging. This significantly increases the number and severity of threats to the industrial plants involved.


The current focus on network security through the integration of firewalls or VPN is not sufficient. Instead, in addition to physical protection, the extensive use of cryptography, secure identity management and the flexible adaptation of security levels to dynamically changing value chains must also be considered.

By mid-2019, devolo, Infineon, Arend Prozessautomation and Hochschule Bremen will be working on innovative, process-supported security concepts for networked industrial plants. The core element is the devolo Secure Gateway I4.0, which is being developed in the project. The Secure Gateway will be the central and real-time communication component in the cross-location production process. The project will end with field tests at the associated partners FRABA and A+G connect. There, the developed solution will be evaluated for its suitability for practical use. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is supporting the SiDaFab project with around 1.45 million euros as part of the "High-Tech for IT Security" funding measure.


devolo’s project contribution

  • devolo is investigating how the concept and architecture of data protection and data security for communication in intelligent energy networks can be transferred to the industry 4.0 environment.


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The project consortium

Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Technologies AG is a world-leading provider of semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. Micro-electronics from Infineon are the key to a future worth living in. The company employs more than 36,000 people worldwide and achieved profits of around 6.5 billion euros in the 2016 fiscal year (as of the end of September). Infineon is listed in Frankfurt under the stock symbol "IFX" and in the United States (in the over-the-counter OTCQX International Premier tier) under the stock symbol "IFNNY".


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Hochschule Bremen

As an academic research partner, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences is contributing to the project by drawing upon skills from the areas of IT security and network technology, including trusted computing and IT security standards. The goal of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences is to adapt existing IT security solutions according to the secure-by-design approach to ensure secure networking of distributed production facilities. By doing so, the university hopes to advance the state of the art of technology for future industrial application areas.


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Arend Prozessautomation GmbH

Arend Prozessautomation is a system integrator for automation and Industry 4.0 with 30 years of practical experience as well as an active proponent of digitalisation and networking for production systems. As a medium-sized company, Arend invests heavily in growth by developing its own industrial IoT products and by cooperating in multiple research projects in production data collection/evaluation and cyber security. Arend Prozessautomation is making contributions to the SIDAFAB project in particular through its knowledge and experience in production networking and in the integration of disparate automation systems.


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FRABA GmbH (associated partner)

FRABA GmbH is a manufacturer of sensors for industrial automation. It develops, produces and sells rotary encoders, tilt sensors and safety sensors. The international organisation has 7 locations around the world and requires secure communication networks. Thus, as an associated partner, FRABA has a great deal of interest in the results of the SiDaFab project.



Ficontec (associated partner)

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