Simple and smart: the devolo Home Control app

You can control your devolo Home Control devices quite comfortably through the convenient and user-friendly software, which you can access in the form of the free devolo Home Control app via your smartphone or web browser. You just need to download it and register once with your email address – and you can start enjoying all the benefits straight away.

From setup to control – simply easy

Just a few clicks, and you’re already there: with the devolo Home Control software, user-friendliness is clearly the priority, from registration, to installing the control panel, right through to adding your Home Control devices. The best examples of this are the particularly simple step-by-step setup and a clever installation assistant for installing all your Home Control devices. Thanks to the individual configuration options, you can easily set everything up just how it suits you. With the intuitive controls, your intelligent, connected home is always within reach, no matter where in the world you are.


  • Free: The app can be used on smartphones and tablets with Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • Convenient: Complete control, from registration, to switching on the control panel, to adding Home Control devices.

  • Individual: Personalised dashboard setup.

  • Quick: You’ll be finished in just a few steps.

  • Time-saving: ‘If-this-then-that’ rules and manual or timed settings for a smooth operation.

  • Effective: Intelligent features like settings or groups to link steps together.

  • Controlled: Statistics and a house diary for a perfect overview of all processes in the house.

  • Informed: Texts, emails, push notifications and system notifications for a complete overview.

  • Optional: You can also control all devolo devices through the ‘mydevolo’ online portal on PC and Mac.

  • Immobilised: Remote access can also be switched off.

Practical functions – individual and intelligent

With rules, settings, groups and locations, the devolo Home Control software makes your life easier – devices are intelligently linked, procedures integrated. One example could be that, when the “Good Morning” setting is activated, the radio comes on, the heating turns up and the coffee machine starts itself, all at the same time. Groups allow you to control several devices at once, for example all the heating thermostats – and the rules can link any items you choose with one another. These features are complemented by practical applications like statistics and the house diary, which give information about the condition of the Home Control devices. With the new devolo controls, you can save time and effort – and gain certainty and comfort.

App or web – your choice

You can also use the functions of the app through any web browser with the ‘mydevolo’ online portal. A practical side effect of this option is that if the internet connection fails, Home Control can still be controlled via the app by the home network, as long as the devolo Home Control panel and the smartphone or tablet are on the same network.