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The most important questions and answers about our Powerline products.

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Learn more about the installation and software of your powerline adapters.

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Here you will find useful tips for setting up your home network.

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All useful information on hardware and system settings.

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FAQ - Products and Technology

What is Powerline?

Powerline technology, or PLC for short, is used to distribute the router's Internet signal quite simply via the power line in the family home or apartment - turning every power socket into an Internet access point.

An adapter connected to the router via LAN cable sends the router's Internet signal into the power grid, which can be received by other adapters at any power outlet. All network-compatible devices can thus be connected to the Internet - either via LAN or WiFi.

Powerline technology thus enables a fast network encrypted according to the AES standard - simply through walls and ceilings without laying network cables.

When is Powerline the best solution?

Powerline is ideal if the existing Internet signal does not sufficiently supply all living areas. Thick walls, several floors and large areas often limit the router's WiFi signal - but laying network cables is time-consuming and expensive.

With devolo's powerline solutions, such as devolo Magic, you can easily distribute the Internet signal throughout your home via the existing power line. In combination with an adapter, every power socket becomes an Internet access point or hotspot!

What are the requirements for the use of Powerline? Where are the limits?

All you need is a power line and Internet access.

devolo powerline solutions simply distribute the Internet signal in your home via the power grid - regardless of whether it is an old or new building and regardless of fuses and different phases. Electricity meters attenuate the signal, but do not block it in every case. Of course, the data transmission is encrypted!

Which products are best for use in my home?

Our product guide will help you find the optimal devolo solution for your scenario.

What is the difference between Powerline adapters and WiFi repeaters?

Powerline adapters transport the Internet signal of the router via the power line, so that a new, powerful Internet or WiFi signal is generated at any socket. Walls and ceilings are easily overcome, while these often weaken a WiFi signal.


A WiFi repeater picks up the WiFi signal from the router and passes it on. Unlike powerline, it can therefore only be used where a sufficiently strong WiFi signal still arrives. In addition, the repeater also uses the available bandwidth for communication with the router, so that the usable bandwidth for the end devices is significantly reduced.

Is my router compatible with powerline adapters?

Yes! devolo Powerline works with all common routers.

What are the advantages of using Magic adapters or G.hn technology?

With Magic adapters you are prepared for the ever growing and future performance requirements in the home network, such as streaming of multiple HD/UHD content, home office with parallel homeschooling etc.. , well prepared. Magic adapters offer you:

  • A significant increase in speed compared to Powerline adapters with HomePlug AV standard, such as dLAN
  • greater stability
  • increased range

That's why devolo Magic with G.hn technology is ideal for your home network.

What data rates can I achieve with Magic 2?

Magic 2 products achieve unidirectional gross data throughput (i.e. including powerline overhead) of up to 2400 Mbps under optimal operating conditions.


This theoretical, maximum data transmission rate is based on the technology specification under ideal conditions. Depending on the network environment (distance, network traffic, neighboring networks, noise on electrical lines, quality of electrical installation, etc.), the actual data rate may vary


Speed tests" performed with end devices such as smartphones or laptops refer to a bidirectional net data throughput (i.e. without powerline overhead), which is therefore not comparable and turns out to be lower than the gross data throughput on the powerline.

I am not achieving the specified data transfer rates. What is the reason?

The theoretical maximum data transmission rate (gross data throughput incl. Powerline overhead) is based on the technology specification under ideal conditions. Depending on the network environment (distance, network traffic, neighboring networks, noise on electrical lines, quality of electrical installation, etc.), the actual data rate may differ.

Speed tests conducted with end devices such as smartphones or laptops refer to a net data throughput that is not comparable and is lower than the gross data throughput over the power line.

Why did devolo switch from HomePlug AV to G.hn standard?

HomePlugAV powerline technology is increasingly reaching its development limits and only offers manageable optimisation options.

G.hn enables a technological leap forward, and devolo Magic is ideally equipped for future requirements with G.hn. With devolo Magic products, for example, you can be sure that your home network will also provide your 8K television with smooth Internet access!

Can Powerline adapters interfere with amateur and CB radio signals?

The use of powerline adapters should not interfere with the use of radio technology such as amateur radio. The powerline adapters from devolo were specially developed to transmit at a lower level within the frequency bands of amateur radio and CB radio. This reduces the already low radiation from the power line to a minimum. Interference with radio services from powerline adapters is therefore extremely unlikely.


It goes without saying that our Powerline adapters comply with all normative specifications.

How strong is the electromagnetic radiation from Powerline adapters?

All electrical devices sold in the EU must bear the CE mark as proof of their electromagnetic compatibility. For this purpose, they are tested according to specified standards. devolo adapters have, of course, successfully passed the necessary tests. The signals emitted by devolo adapters are in the same order of magnitude as the interference signals of other consumer devices. This means that the adapters do not generate any more interference than, for example, a drill.

FAQ - Installation and Software

How to install Magic devices?

The devices connect automatically the first time they are plugged in; you do not need to do anything.

How can I add another Magic adapter to my home network?

You can easily add the new adapter to your existing network by pressing a button after placing it in a power outlet. Please wait briefly until the new device is ready for operation and the Powerline LED flashes white. Now briefly press the encryption button of an adapter already in your home network. The network password will now be transferred to the new adapter. Done!

How many Powerline adapters can I operate in parallel in one network?

You can easily connect up to eight adapters in a network.

How can I optimize the data rate between my Magic adapters?

As a rule, devolo Magic adapters automatically have a fast and strong connection. We are very sorry if this is not the case for you. You can find tips on optimising the connection of your Magic adapters here.

How can I check and restore the connection between Magic adapters?

For instructions on how to check and restore the connection between your Magic adapters, please click here.

Are my Magic adapters automatically encrypted or can my neighbor listen in on my data?

Don't worry, your data is safe. Magic adapters are 128bit AES encrypted and automatically exchange a random password with each other when plugged in initially.

In addition, your data signals usually do not reach the neighbor. Should this nevertheless happen in exceptional cases, the adapters are protected via the powerful encryption.

Can a ground fault circuit interfere with my Powerline connection?

No. RCDs have a very small, negligible effect on connection quality.

Can I use devolo products in power strips with surge protection?

Many of the commercially available power strips with surge protection causeperformance losses of the devolo network and are therefore only recommended to a limited extent. An exception to this rule are models designed specifically for use in combination with devolo adapters. These are available from manufacturers such as APC (models PL8VT3-DE and PL5B-DE). 

Our recommendation: Simply use an adapter with an integrated socket and connect the power strip there. This way, the powerline connection works reliably and you don't lose a socket.

Where is a Powerline adapter best placed?

Ideally in a single socket. If the adapter is placed in a multiple wall socket, it should be used there alone if possible. You can easily connect other devices or a power strip via the adapter's socket.

Can I also use devolo products in multiple sockets or adjacent wall sockets?

Multiple sockets in themselves - both in the wall and in power strips - do not usually interfere with the connection as long as no other devices are plugged in next to them.
However, a switch or surge protector integrated into power strips can lead to performance losses.

To achieve optimum connections, we recommend using devolo devices with an integrated socket in a free wall socket and plugging the necessary multiple socket for additional devices into the devolo adapter.

Are Powerline adapters of different speed categories compatible with each other?

Yes, within a product series (Magic or dLAN), the different speed categories are fully compatible with each other. For technical reasons, devolo Magic series devices are not compatible with dLAN devices. 

The only exception are the old, blue devices. These are unfortunately not compatible with today's products.

In a network with mixed speed categories, the adapters connect to each other at the highest possible speed. Example: In a network with one 500 Mbps adapter and two 1200 Mbps adapters, the 500 Mbps adapter connects to the 1200 Mbps adapters at up to 500 Mbps. The 1200 Mbps adapters connect to each other at up to 1200 Mbps speeds.

Which software can I use to configure and manage my Magic adapters?

You can easily set up and configure your Magic devolo adapters via your smartphone using the devolo Home Network app. You can find the app here.

Alternatively, you can download the devolo Cockpit softwarefor your computer here and use it to adjust all settings.

How can I change the powerline password for my home network?

You can easily change the password for your powerline network using the devolo Cockpit software. You can download it for your computer hereand change the password there. In the Cockpit, you will find the "Change password" button on the menu bar at the bottom - there you can set a new password.


Alternatively, you can easily change the password for Magic adapters via smartphone using the devolo Home Network appon the respective configuration pages of the adapters. You can find the app here.

FAQ - All about WiFi

I can't find the devolo WiFi network. Why?

The network "devolo-xxx" only appears in the default configuration of the devolo WiFi adapter. If you have activated WiFi Clone or Mesh Technology, as explained in the second part of the installation instructions, the devolo WiFi network disappears and the devolo adapter uses the WiFi settings of your router.
If you place the devolo WiFi adapter outside the range of your router's WiFi network and you can still see the router's WiFi network, it is the signal from the devolo WiFi adapter.

Can I use the WiFi and the LAN connections at the same time?

Yes, of course you can use the WiFi signal and the LAN connection at the same time.

Which WiFi -enabled devices can I connect to the WiFi adapters?

Basically, you can connect all common mobile devices that have a WiFi module to the WiFi adapters - and thus establish a fast wireless connection to the Internet and the home network.

Where are the application limits of WiFi products?

Under perfect conditions WiFi has a range of up to 300 meters[KK1] . However, this is a theoretical maximum value that cannot be achieved inside houses and apartments. There, structural conditions such as reinforced concrete ceilings, lightweight walls with metal profiles and underfloor heating attenuate the WiFi signal. But other electrical signals, such as those emitted by microwaves or neighboring WiFi, also partially overlay the WiFi signal. Therefore, in practice, the signal strength decreases with distance from the WiFi transmitter according to the attenuating effects. In some cases, these effects are even dynamic and therefore change over the course of the day. Do you have significant problems with your WiFi coverage? Then we recommend our Powerline products. These transmit the data alternatively via the power line.

What is mesh WiFi?

Thanks to new mesh WiFi LAN and innovative powerline technology, all devolo Magic adapters connect to a coherent network and seamlessly bring you the strongest connection to the Internet anywhere in your home. This means you are always automatically connected to the strongest WiFi access point and can move freely around your home.


All WiFi adapters in the devolo Magic series offer mesh WiFi and include various technologies:


  • "Fast Roaming" to make it as easy as possible for all WiFi clients, such as smartphones or tablets, to permanently connect to the strongest WiFi signal.
  • "WiFi Clone" allows the WiFi configuration data of the router to be easily transferred to all WiFi adapters (Single SSID).
  • Through "Config-Sync", all WiFi adapters synchronize with each other with all WiFi configurations such as name (SSID), WiFi password, time control, guest access etc.
  • The new "Airtime Fairness" function also gives preference to fast WiFi clients. Older devices that take a long time to download, for example, no longer slow down the WiFi.
  • The integrated "bandsteering" also ensures that the ideal radio channel and frequency are automatically assigned to all WiFi clients.  All mesh functions are automatically available to users with devolo Magic.
  • For products with AP steering, this feature optimizes load balancing in more complex network topologies with multiple access points or repeaters, ensuring that your devices always connect to the optimal access point.


How can I change the SSID and WiFi password of the WiFi adapters?

To change the SSID and WiFi password, please proceed as follows. Open the configuration page of your devolo WiFi adapter in the devolo Cockpit software or the Home Network app.


Select the item "WiFi" in the left menu bar and then the item "WiFi networks".
Here you can first determine the frequency on which the WiFi signal is transmitted.
Below this, you can enter the desired WiFi network name (SSID) and the intended encryption (WiFi password).


Save this change by clicking on the disk icon in the lower right corner.

How can I disable synchronization among WiFi adapters or configure each adapter individually?

To deactivate the synchronisation of the adapters, please proceed as follows. Open the configuration page of your devolo WiFi adapter in the devolo Cockpit software or the Home Network app.

Select the item "System" in the left menu bar and then the sub-item "ConfigSync". Remove the tick from the "Switch on" checkbox here.

Save this change by clicking on the disk icon in the lower right corner.

How do I reach the configuration page of the WiFi adapters?

The easiest way to access the configuration page of your devolo WiFi adapter is via the devolo Cockpit software or the devolo Home Network app.

The current cockpit software can be found under the following link.

Start the devolo Cockpit. The adapters are displayed. You can access the configuration page of the WiFi adapter by pointing the mouse at the small grey arrow on the right side of the WiFi adapter and then clicking on the top item (arrow with cogwheel) of the menu that opens.

You can install the devolo Home Network app via the App Store or Google Play.

Start the app on a smartphone that is ideally connected to a WiFi adapter. Tap on the WiFi adapter whose configuration page you want to open.

How can I disable the mesh function of the WiFi adapters?

To do this, open the configuration page of your devolo WiFi adapter in the devolo Cockpit software or the Home Network app.

Select the item "WiFi" in the left menu bar and then the item "Mesh WiFi" below it. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox with the name "Switch on". Save this change by clicking on the disk icon at the bottom right.

FAQ - System settings / Hardware

How can I install the latest firmware for my Magic adapters?

All Magic adapters are - with unchanged factory settings - automatically provided with updates (exception: Magic LAN adapters with a firmware <

Alternatively, firmware updates can also be initiated via the Home Network App or downloaded online from the respective product website. In this case, please install them via the configuration page of the device under "System" > "Install Firmware".

How can I deactivate the stand-by function of the Magic WiFi adapters?

To do this, open the configuration page of your devolo WiFi adapter in the devolo Cockpit software or the Home Network app.

Select the item "System" in the menu bar and then the item "Management" below it. Remove the tick from the checkbox at "Stand-by" by clicking on it. Save this change by clicking on the diskette symbol at the bottom.

What hardware are Magic adapters compatible with?

All Magic adapters are compatible with all routers as well as with powerline products certified by the HomeGrid Forum.
Via Magic devices, all end devices can be connected by LAN or via WiFi that could alternatively be connected directly at the router in this way, e.g. smartphones, tablets, PCs/notebooks, TVs, etc.

How can I reset my devolo LAN adapters?

LAN adapters can be reset using the devolo Cockpit software.

The current cockpit software can be found here.

Start the devolo Cockpit. The adapters are displayed. Point the mouse at the small grey arrow on the right side of the adapter and an icon bar will open.

Then click on the icon with the two gears ("Show options") and then on the option "Reset device to factory settings".

Are Powerline adapters designed for permanent operation?

Yes, devolo powerline adapters are designed for non-stop operation. They can remain permanently connected to electrical outlets.

Can I unplug the powerline adapters at night without having to reconfigure them the next day?

Yes, the configuration of the Powerline adapters remains saved until the adapter is reset.

Can I use longer LAN cables on the Powerline adapters?

Yes, you can also use longer LAN cables on devolo powerline adapters than the included 2m Cat 5e LAN cables.

Which LAN cables are included with devolo powerline adapters?

For products with LAN cables included, Cat 5e LAN cables with a length of 2m are included.

You can also use longer and even higher quality cables.

How can I claim my 3-year manufacturer's warranty in the event of a defect?

You will find all the necessary instructions for warranty processing here.

Where can I find the warranty conditions for my product?

You can find the warranty conditions here.

My powerline adapter gets very warm. Is this normal?

With devolo adapters, we focus not only on high performance, but also on the compact form. This combination makes it possible for the devices to heat up. This is harmless and does not affect power consumption.

You can leave the adapter in the socket all the time without worrying. All devolo powerline adapters are designed for continuous operation.

With which operating systems do devolo adapters work?

devolo adapters operate independently of operating systems and work with all network devices that send data via Internet protocol. The optional additional software for installing and configuring the adapters is also available for all common operating systems.

How do devolo devices behave in the event of a power surge (e.g. lightning strike)?

devolo products are protected against power line surges in accordance with national and EU regulations and standards. Compliance with these regulations is verified and confirmed by independent accredited laboratories. devolo products are always safe, i.e. there is never any danger from the devices even in the event of a power surge.


In rare cases, local overvoltage events (e.g. close lightning strike) may be above the defined voltage level. In these cases, surge protection built into devolo products prevents further damage. However, the device usually loses its function as a result. Devices connected via network cables or the built-in power socket are not protected. In this case, we recommend connecting a power strip with surge protection to the socket in the product.