The three-phase electricity meter is FNN-compliant and can be used as modern measuring equipment (mME) and in an intelligent measuring system (iMSys).

  • Electricity meter with 60 A or 100 A
  • Available with a two-rate register (60 A meter) and grid-functionality
  • Simple and fast integration of security and communication components on the DIN rail of the meter
  • Measuring accuracy in both energy flow directions (MID Class A, B)
  • Interoperability is ensured
  • Requirements of security components, control boxes and communication technology have been taken into account during product development

Benefits at a glance


SLP or grid basic meter in accordance with FNN specifications.


Can be used as modern measuring equipment and in an intelligent measuring system.

Grid functionality

12 parameters are recorded for determining the grid state (optional).

Integrated two-rate register

Enables a two-rate function to be offered. Also without a smart meter gateway. (60 A meter only)

Integrated DIN rail

The complete smart metering infrastructure can be installed.

Energy flow directions

Measurement in one or two energy flow directions (suitable for photovoltaic systems).

Two supply connections

For SMGW, control box or communication on the DIN rail of the meter.

Data transmission

Integrated LMN interface for BSI compliant connection to the SMGW.

Product comparison

Configuration options

Configure the devolo basic meter according to your requirements.

An example:

  • You want a 60 A basic meter
  • with accuracy class A
  • als bidirectional meter
  • with SLP+Grid

Then the type code for your devolo meter is: D3B60-AZG.


Further customisations are possible. Our sales team will tell you more.


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Technical data

Show technical data

Type: 2- and 4-wire active energy meter with direct connection

Interfaces: LMN: Cable-based, 2 pieces RS485 – bidirectional, INFO – optically unidirectional, Infrared test LED 10,000 Imp./kWh

Functional features and protocol: Available as SLP and grid variant, in accordance with FNN specifications version 1.4.1

Nominal voltage Un: 230 V, 3 x 230/400 V

Minimum current Imin: 0.25 A

Reference current Iref: 5 A

Limiting current Imax: 60 A or 100 A

Nominal frequency: 50Hz

Accuracy class: MID class A or B

Energy measurement: Energy flow measurement (+A) with a non-return lock

Energy flow measurement in two directions (+A/-A)

Energy flow measurement of self-generated power, with a non-return lock (-A)

Energy flow measurement of self-generated power, without a non-return lock (-A)

Latency: Less than 2 seconds

LCD display: FNN-compliant display, configurable via PIN code

Feature: Two tariff terminal, controllable via external terminals (only available for the 60 A meter)

Dimensions (in mm): 171 (width) x 323 (height) x 93 (depth)

Temperature (Storage and Operation): -40 to +70 °C

Ambient conditions: Maximum 95% Humidity, non-condensing

Protection class: Insulation of the closed device: Protection class II / Safety class: IP51

Certifications: CE conformity, MID conformity, FNN precompliance for measuring systems,

FNN guideline for the evaluation of the reliability of electricity meters


Versatile and flexible.


Data collection in the smart grid. The three-phase electricity meter was developed specifically for the requirements in households and small businesses. The devolo three-phase electricity meter is

optionally equipped with grid function. A total of 12 different parameters are recorded, including voltage and current values, phase angles and values derived from them. These parameters are used for determining the grid state. The three-phase electricity meter can be used as modern measuring equipment. The integrated two tariff terminals (only available for the 60 A meter) let the energy provider offer customers a two tariffs ("peak", "off-peak”), without needing the installation of an intelligent measuring system. In addition, the three-phase electricity meter can be used as a component of the intelligent measuring system. The integrated DIN rail provides space for a smart meter gateway and a control box or the communications technology. Both options for using the devolo electricity meter - as modern measuring equipment or in an intelligent measuring system - reduce the complexity involved with procuring and installing the devices. This offers the measuring point operator the greatest possible flexibility.

Smart metering applications

Metering infrastructure

Broadband Powerline for the intelligent measuring system.

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Home Area Network

Visualization of energy consumption in smart home solutions and in-house PLC.

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RLM meter reading

Data communication on the medium-voltage level.

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