Product features

For offices and work places where remote solutions or building conversions are out of the question, devolo offers the dLAN® pro 1200+ triple as an essential component of professional networking. The Powerline-to-Ethernet adapter connects the dLAN® network with LAN routes, for which it has a total of three satellite outlets available. In the wall, dLAN® data transmission takes place at speeds up to 1200 Mbps through existing electrical wiring; outside, the adapter offers secure and reliable transmission to CAT cables with RJ45 standard plug connectors. Conversely, it extends the LAN to the entire power grid in the building and is not impeded by reinforced concrete or due to legal building provisions.

Suitable for the following applications

Medical practices

Along with electronic health card readers, laboratory measuring devices, medical diagnostic devices and monitoring tools work together closely in the medical practice's network. And because of advancing digitalization, many medical practices are due for a modernization or expansion of the IT network. 

Hotels & food service

Food service specialists and hoteliers require a strong network in their facilities for connecting the IT infrastructure of booking, POS and order systems as well as other computers, servers and printers and web-based video or music server solutions. They must also be able to provide their guests with a stable wireless Internet connection.

Office buildings

The office world speaks IP: Computers, servers, printers, scanners, copiers and other office devices are connected to the Internet and intranet, providing an optimal workflow for efficient operation organization. Furthermore, when expanding office spaces, installation of network cables makes up a large part of the cost.

Benefits at a glance

Professional Powerline adapter for industry, trade and commerce

dLAN® pro 1200 triple+ frees up the top part of the wall socket that it is plugged into. The solution adjusts independently to the respective switches and terminal devices via auto-MDI-X, and as a result the dLAN® pro 1200+ triple is fully functional upon being plugged into the wall socket. Admins can perform detailed configurations uniformly, simply and professionally via dLAN® AVpro manager. In all connectivity scenarios that rely on solid Ethernet cables, Powerline with dLAN® pro 1200+ triple is the right extension for the job.

  • Data transmission over the power line at speeds up to 1200 Mbps
  • 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports with Auto MDI-X function for connecting all network devices using patch cables
  • Patented range+ Technology: significantly greater range and performance in all environments

Engineered in Germany

  • Integrated electrical socket: the power outlet (230 V/16 A) remains available; with mains filter for optimised data transmission
  • Automatic phase shift: dLAN® throughout the building, even without phase couplers
  • Display of master/slave network architecture including peer-to-peer isolation
  • Compatible with all professional Powerline adapters of the dLAN® pro 1200 and dLAN® pro 500 series

Scope of delivery

Single adapter
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200 triple+ adapter
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1x Installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200 triple+ Adapter
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200+ Adapter
  • 2x Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1x Installation guide