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Register your product within the first 8 weeks after purchasing it to get a 12-month extension of the standard 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty for adapters of the Magic Series.

Please observe the Terms for Participation for more information.

Register product

Please add each product which you would like to register, one after the other.
To do so, enter the respective MT number and serial number for each of your devices and click on "Add".
In the case of Starter Kits and Whole Home Kits, please also add each device individually.

Where can I find the MT/serial number?


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Looking for the serial number and MT number?


Both the serial number and MT number are on the rear side of your devolo device.


The serial number consists of a 16-character code of numbers. 

Example: S/N: 1805 1234 5789 6221



The MT number consists of a 4-character code of numbers.
Example: MT: 3081


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Do you need help?

You are welcome to contact our Support department at +0018339612279 or
If you do, please have the products you wish to register or the corresponding invoice at hand.

Participation Conditions

Product registration

  • Product registration is possible only for products of the Magic product family, which were placed on the market by devolo directly or by retailers. All other products are excluded from product registration.
  • An extension of limited warranty through product registration is only possible if the product is registered within the first 8 weeks after purchase.
  • Only end customers are eligible to participate. Retailers are excluded from the extension of limited warranty.
  • The data requested in the product registration process is for optimising service.
  • We regularly send you e-mails with carefully selected information about software updates, products and offers. You can revoke the use of your e-mail address at any time.

Warranty extension

  • When you register a device online, devolo will provide the services listed in our warranty terms for the registered device for the duration of the 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty as well as those for the 12 months extension of limited warranty.
  • The extension of the limited warranty applies only to the registered product and cannot be transferred to other devices. Each devolo device must therefore be registered individually.
  • The extension of the limited warranty extension can only be claimed by submitting the certificate through the product registration.
  • In the event of a warranty claim or further questions about the extension of the limited warranty, please contact our Support department.